St Kilda Botanic Gardens

Last weekend, Raquel and I headed over to nearby St Kilda Botanic Gardens for a stroll. It’s not as big as the other parks we’ve been to around Melbourne but it was still pretty nice and peaceful. For more pics, check out Raquel’s photoblog.

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Climbing Nadine – Rough Version

Nadine. Climbing. Rough version. I still haven’t decided whether to finish this with a more comic-book/animation look or a more painted look. I’ll probably go with the former as that is much much easier and faster to do. Yeah, I’m lazy like that.

Also, notice the new costume for Nadine (that is, if you read my comics). This time, she will be wearing chainmail armor unlike before if for no other reason than to increase her Armor Class (just kidding… just a little D&D reference there). Anyway, watch out later on for another version of this same pic.

Digitally drawn using Photoshop 7 and my Wacom tablet.

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