Drawing Again

I’m back into drawing again. It’s been a while since I last updated my webcomic Lovarian Adventures and now I’m seriously thinking of taking it up again. But before I do so, I will want to make some character design changes including their equipment.

With that, I’ve posted a page from my drawing book where I have different designs for Helix’s dagger/knife.

Anyway, I’ll try to draw daily to avoid losing my drawing skill. I’ll post any new drawings on this blog.

Published in: on August 17, 2005 at 9:44 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. You’re welcome. Hope it helps. ^_^ I really love your art.

  2. Brigid and Penovate,

    Thanks for your opinions. 😀

  3. i love the fifth one from top. cool stuff!:)

  4. Cool blades. The top left (viewer’s left), bottom right, and second from the right on top look like the easiest to carry concealed. The top right one looks oddly familiar to me. I think I may have seen a knife much like that somewhere (probably one of my uncles’ collections of vintage weapons). The second from the left and third from the left ones are very nifty, the third from the left’s hilt looks a bit more practical as a weapon, though. The second from the left might make a good hunting knife. The bottom middle one looks seriously creepy. I would not want to be at the business end of that thing. The bottom left one looks mainly decorative (come to think of it, the bottom middle one looks rather decorative, too), but still cool.

    Wee! More Lovaria!

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