Australia Needs 20k Workers

On today’s issue of The Australian is an article by Elizabeth Colman and Samantha Maiden titled Global hunt for 20,000 workers. To sum it up for you, it just said that Australia is launching a global recruitment drive to attract 20,000 skilled migrant workers from the world over.

According to the article, Australia is in desperate need of tradespeople (plumbers, carpenters and the like), engineers and doctors. So, if you’re into one of these fields and you intend to migrate to Australia, this may be your chance.

To quote the paper:

“The Immigration Department plans to advertise in overseas newspapers from September, inviting prospective skilled migrants to meet employers and state and federal government representatives at the series of expos as part of a $3million skills roadshow where officials will present options for migration under recently relaxed regulations.”

But the most important news for fellow Filipinos back home is that the Immigration Department is “considering hosting a further round of expos in 2006” in Manila. So, watch out for this next year. Just read the article linked for more details.

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