What Happened to Lovaria?

I have just received an email from Theresa regarding my webcomic, Lovarian Adventures. She wrote:

Hi! I was a fan of your comic Lovarian Adventures several years ago. I had lost the link however, and only recently found it again, but the website (lovaria.com) doesn’t seen to be working! Have you removed your comic, or is there another place where I can read it?

As we have noted, we have recently moved hosts. As of this time, I was only able to move the Palabok.com areas on to the new server but not the Lovarian Adventures areas. The reason for the delay in moving the Lovarian site was because I have yet to change the ASP scripting I did on the Lovarian pages over to PHP scripting.

I’m looking at having it all done before Monday next week. But I’m not promising anything here. I’m just letting you know that I haven’t completely abandoned the Lovarian Adventures site.

I have just finished setting up a barebones version of the Lovarian site. Although most of its pages still aren’t fully functional, you could at least read the comics now.

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