Run, Raquel, Run

I’m not certain now how old I was then but I am pretty sure it happened while I was still in grade school. It was during recess and as usual, I was running. I was playing tag with a group of classmates and was rounding a corner when the world suddenly came into slow-motion. I collided with a younger, shorter kid walking round the corner and I’ve hit my lower lip against her forehead, hard. The impact made my lip burst open and splattered blood into my white shirt as the kid started to cry. I think we were both taken to the clinic and I was even made to lie down on the bed, I don’t really remember much after the collision anymore. I later found out that my front teeth left a small imprint on the kid’s forehead but she was okay otherwise.

I remember thinking on my way home that day that I would surely get a dressing down from my mom who has always scold me when I ran around the neighbourhood. I thought about the crying kid and although I didn’t consciously remember deciding anything then, I stopped running soon after that incident.

Which really is a shame, because I used to love running. I like the feel of the wind on my face and everything becoming a blur, it’s like the world just falls away and there’s just you and your rhythmic breathing. I think I used to be a fast runner too since the boys would always pick me to be on their team to play ball or tag, and I rarely got tagged.

Fast forward to recent months when I have been forced to run after trains/trams before they pull away from the stations. It was a strange feeling to realise that I could no longer run fast, Gabriel would normally run ahead of me and hold the door while I huff and puff to the door several seconds after him. Since learning that I am flat-footed, I’ve also been worried of injuries since I don’t want to be in pain for several days in exchange for a few minutes of running.

Last week as hubby and I was walking toward a pedestrian lane, I told him that the lights indicate that pedestrians could cross. He took this as a sign that we should hurry to be able to cross the street while the light is still green and ran toward the crossing without a word. I sprinted after him but as I approached the corner of the building, I saw a man walking across my path. Suddenly, everything went into this crazy slow-motion mode again. My left foot was in the air but since I need to stop immediately, I quickly stamped it down the pavement. I felt my left knee go weak and quickly tried to balance my body with my right foot. Unfortunately, the man tried avoid me too and is now swaying in my direction. In addition, I twisted my ankle as my right foot as I was trying to find my foothold in the uneven floor.

I went down in a heap and since I wasn’t able to reduce my speed much when I fell down, I slid several centimetres across the pavement. I swore I might have left skid marks. As I was going down, I remember thinking I wouldn’t be able to make it across the crossing after all and that someone should tell Gabriel, who by the way is still blissfully running toward the other side of the street. I saw him turn his head and I noticed that my face is so close to the pavement I could see the specks of dust on it. The man who almost collided with me was asking me if I was okay and was trying to help me off the floor. My ankle was throbbing painfully and my left palm was also complaining. I sit up and told him I was fine but he was offering his hand, as if insisting that I get off the floor quickly. Gabriel came back on my side of the street and helped me up while I apologised to the man. The man had this look of disapproval, as if saying that it serves me right for trying to run around the corner and nearly colliding with him.

After he walked off, Gabriel asked if I was really okay. Nothing hurt except perhaps my pride? Well, oddly, it wasn’t my pride that has been hurt but my foot. I was actually amused by the whole incident and would have been laughing if not for the pain in my ankle and palm. Aside from that, I was worried that I may have torn something that would need more than time and some balm to heal.

I got a bruise at my base of my hand which I might have used to break my fall and my ankle was a bit swollen by the time I got home. Thankfully, the fall didn’t seem to have done any serious damage to my ankle and the bruise is healing. Would I run again? Most probably, but perhaps next time I’ll go slower to make sure that I won’t have to kiss the pavement when somebody suddenly blocks my path.

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