Working on my Writing

I reread some of the old blogs I’ve posted for the heck of it. Instead of feeling proud for what I’ve already written, I cringed from shame. I just couldn’t believe how sloppy some of my old works were. It was obvious that I didn’t proofread my own work and I didn’t write later drafts to refine the piece further.

When I was younger, I learned that I must not be afraid to write down what I wanted just as long as I remember to do subsequent drafts of the work. During the course of making drafts, I should’ve caught any grammatical and typographical errors, removed unnecessary statements, and improved upon weak sentences on earlier drafts until I was satisfied with what I had.

However, I was just lazy or always in a rush to post a new blog to be bothered with writing drafts. I always hoped that I would write a post perfectly the first time and publish it to the site straight away. Typos and grammatical errors crept in as expected. These errors would go unnoticed for several days, even weeks before I could make the needed corrections.

Another downside to the way I used to write posts, I noticed, was that I tend to write very long and convoluted sentences which may make pretty good sense while I’m typing them but would become almost unintelligible when attempted to be read by the reader in one go.

Hmm… That was actually a good example of what I meant. Let me just rewrite that last paragraph:

    I also noticed that I tend to write convoluted sentences that are very difficult to read. A given sentence may make sense to me while I was typing it but may not be as easily understood when read in one go by somebody else.

Was that easier to read? My works are full of long winded sentences that may cause anybody to reread it once or twice before fully grasping my intended meaning. I know my writing style needs a lot of improvement if I want to become an effective writer.

Writing blogs on a regular basis must help somehow. When I started blogging, I had difficulty expressing myself in written form. It took me too long to type up an essay. I simply couldn’t find the words I needed to write what I wanted to say sometimes. But now, the words come more easily to me making writing a lot easier than it was in the past.

Although I realize that I am far from being classed as a good writer, I hope that if I write regularly and applied myself, I could eventually be considered a decent enough writer that people will want to read my written works.

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