Over a year ago, I had to excruciatingly pass (yep, that’s the verb used) a kidney stone. My doctor recommended that I take in a lot of water from then on. She wanted me to drink three liters of water everyday to help keep my kidneys stone-free. That was supposed to be enough.

Being the pseudo-hypocondriac that I am, I researched kidney stones on the Internet to know more about the painful buggers. I found out that having one kidney stone episode greatly increases my chances of another painful episode! It was a horrific thought.

I’ve read kidney stone sufferers being told by their doctors to avoid high oxalate food. Apparently, oxalate helps in the formation of the dreaded kidney stones. One of these high-oxalate foods is a favorite of mine: chocolate! The anguish!

I found out that there was a chocolate substitute called carob that isn’t high in oxalate. That’s the good news. According to my friends, carob tasted nothing like chocolate. That’s the bad news.

Fortunately, when I gave carobs a go, I found that I loved them. The brand of carob I buy at least tasted good. It was almost like eating Ricoa’s Flat Tops minus the sugar (for these were No-Added Sugar Carobs or NAS Carobs). Then it happened. The grocery stopped supplying NAS Carobs like a year ago.

Then this weekend, I bought a bag of the non-NAS carobs of the same brand. I tried these carobs before but I found them too sweet. However, these new sugar-added carobs seem to be of a different mixture because they no longer tasted too sweet. They were just right. Yes!

I know the doctor didn’t real forbid me from eating chocolates or similarly oxalate-rich food but better safe than sorry. I still eat chocolates but in small amounts and only on occasion. But now that I have carobs that I like again, I could probably stand not having chocolates longer.

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