I Am A Leaf On The Wind!

I recently wrote a blog post (I Aim to Misbehave! – July 15) regarding Raquel and me getting tickets to an advanced screening of the Serenity movie. That was last night and I’m still all excited about it.

Now, let me just gush a moment and say that the film was absolutely amazing! Much better than any of the Star Wars prequels, I dare say. There were some very sad moments but a lot of hilarious moments. There were certainly a lot of action whether it be space ship battles and chases or hand-to-hand combat. it’s got everything.

All thought it’s a bit darker than the original Firefly TV series, there were a lot of light moments, too, as evidenced by the frequent laughter of the movie audience from the comedic character interactions and funny dialogue.

I tried to write something like a review of the film but I ended up just leaving it out from this post because it would’ve been spoiler ridden. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t watched it yet (which would be a lot of people since it’s yet to be officially released this September). I’ll just say that I thoroughly recommend you to watch this film when it finally comes out at your favorite local cinemas.

Other than raving about the movie, I’d also like to recount what happened last night. Raquel and I arrived at the Jam Factory cinama at around half-past-eight. There were quite a number of people hanging around the lobby near the ticket box office wearing shirts with the Serenity logo or a drawing of the Serenity ship printed on them. Ah. Fellow browncoats! Raquel did point out that most of them were actually wearing black coats.

After getting our pre-booked tickets, we proceeded to cinema 3 where it’s going to be shown only to find out there was also a queue there. I wondered why the queue was moving slowly but discovered the reason soon enough.

The security for this film was very tight. Each one of us were asked by the security men if we had mobile phones, audio recorders, video recorders, mp3 players and other similar gadgetry on our person. Then we were asked to deposit the said gadgets into a sealed envelope that they would be keeping for the duration of the film. We were handed only a ticket stub that would prove which envelope belonged to which group of people.

After that, in case we were hiding undeclared gadgets, our bags were inspected. Lastly, right before entering the cinema entrance, we were given a metal detector body search. After all that, we were finally inside. Whew. They must be really worried of pirates. Can’t be too careful with the wide-spread film piracy business thriving these days.

I couldn’t remember the last time I was stripped of all my technological gadgets away from home. I feel so… bare. Because of the tight security, the film’s start had to be delayed by about thirty minutes and since I didn’t have my PDA with me, I had nothing to do but literally twiddle my fingers while waiting for everybody to get in their seats. They could’ve at least showed some previews of other films while waiting.

Soon, everybody was seated and a representative of Universal (or was it United International Pictures Australia?) gave an opening speech. They were supposed to play an audio recording made by Joss Whedon addressed to us fans who were there but the lady admitted that they weren’t tech-savvy enough to play it in the cinema. Fortunately, she had it transcribed so that she was able to tell us what Joss had said.

It was a funny speech and I would’ve loved to have a copy of it somehow but unfortunately, they’ve confiscated my PDA so I don’t have an audio recorder with me at the time and I didn’t have anywhere to write the key parts of Joss’s message. Darn! All I can remember now is a quote that goes something like this (not word-for-word, mind you):

“It’s a movie about the human condition… and big explosions! But if you need to tell someone about the movie, tell them about the big explosions because who really cares about the human condition? If you do get something in the movie about the human condition, keep that to yourself and just tell your friends about the big explosions.”

Right, so I’m telling you now, there were BIG explosions.

After the speech, the curtains were drawn and the film finally started. It opened with a short history of the setting followed by River’s escape from captivity (which we didn’t get to see in the Firefly series). Soon, we saw Serenity and her lovable crew. It was good to see all of them again. Raquel told me later that when the film started, she felt delighted. It was like seeing old friends again after being away for a long time. I felt the same way, too.

I realized that it was also more fun to watch a cult film with fellow fans. It was more enjoyable watching a film with other people who enjoyed it as much as you. They would laugh at the same funny stuff you were laughing at and they would feel grief over the same things as well.

I clapped and cheered along with everybody else when the movie ended. The movie certainly didn’t disappoint the Firefly fans and, according to some forum messages about the advance screening, even the non-fans were very pleased with the film. I hope that the movie sells come September so that we may be treated to sequels of the film or, even better, a new TV series. Here’s me hoping.

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