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Warning: The following post contains spoilers for JJ Abrams’ TV series Lost, Season One. Continue reading at your own peril. You have been so warned.

I’m a huge fan of JJ Abram’s Lost TV Series and it’s shown here in Melbourne every 8:30 pm Thursday on Channel Seven. Right now, we are probably a few episodes short of the Season One finale according to my brother who had already watched all of the episodes.

Last Thursday (July 14), Raquel and I were watching the episode where Boone was in a critical physical condition after a crashed plane which he was in fell from where it was originally perched. Dr Jack was trying his best to save him but in the end Boone told Jack to just let him go. And with that, he’s gone.

I was hoping he would make it all through the episode but not Raquel. Why? Because she already knew Boone was going to freakin’ die! Why? Because the stupid July 2005 issue (meaning it came out even before July 1) of the Cleo Magazine (which, I may add, is an affiliate of Seven’s competing network, Channel Nine) posted this very short article within its pages which I quote here:

IAN SOMERHALDER: So hot, we can’t believe the producers of Lost killed him off…

Well, killed off his character, Boone, that is. Whatever. All we know is that Ian’s hunktastic face isn’t frequenting our screens on Thursday nights and we’re not happy. Why couldn’t it have been Hurley? Why, why, why?

Actually, the question is why, why, why are you complaining that Boone is no longer frequenting our screens when he only died just last week?! I’m sure the writer already watched all the episodes but he or she shouldn’t have ruined it for the rest of us who hasn’t yet. And I’m additionally annoyed that the writer is complaining that the character no longer appears on TV when clearly they weren’t even watching it on Australian TV!

Was this an intentional act by the magazine to ruin the show for many of its current viewers? I don’t know. If it was, shame on them. Nice one, Cleo. Intentional or not, thanks, Cleo, for ruining that episode for my wife.

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