Yep, Ares of Mt Olympus. As in Ares, the mythological Greek god of war. For the past week, I spent my free time at home hooked on to my Playstation 2 playing the amazing God of War game from Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA).

I’ve been hearing great things about this PS2 game when it came out in the US. I had to wait for a few months to get my hands on a PAL version of the game (as opposed to an NTSC version from the US) that would work on my unmodded PS2 (yeah, it’s illegal to have the PS2 modded). And last week, God of War was at last available at the local EB Games shop.

Retail price was $99 if I recall correctly. A bit steep but I was sure it would’ve been well worth the price tag. However, there was a promo for it where if I had two PS2, X-Box or Gamecube games I’d be willing to part with, I could get the game for only $29! As it happened, I had three games I’m not really playing that much: X-Men Legends, Kingdom Hearts and Onimusha 3. They were decent games but I never became addicted to them.

The problem though was that according to an EB employee I asked a while back, they don’t accept just any game for trading. They would only accept a game that wasn’t more than a year old. And not just any game. The game should be a non-lemon (doesn’t suck). So, I was afraid that EB might not take my games. I especially wanted to get rid of Kingdom Hearts. It was an okay game but I hated the controls for it. I was afraid they wouldn’t take that one.

Anyway, I didn’t bring my games along that day we dropped by at EB along Elizabeth St so when we went to the EB in Chadstone, I packed the games I wanted to trade away. To my surprise though, the promo at the Chadstone EB was different. There, they were selling the game not for $29 but for $49 if you trade in not 2 games but 3 games! Unbelievable. No way!

Good thing I didn’t buy the game right then and there because when we went to the EB in Southland, the promo was the same as the EB on Elizabeth St. I told the EB employee that I wanted to trade two games in. He asked me which games I had. I gave the Kingdom Hearts game first. Fortunately, he was okay with it. The next game was the X-Men game and he was okay with that, too. With that, I was able to buy God of War for $29! Woohoo!

It’s been touted as this great graphical achievement for the PS2 with awesome gameplay and controls. I didn’t believe it until I actually played it. And once I did, I couldn’t stop playing. Well, I had to but it was really difficult to turn the PS2 off. I wasn’t much into platformer-type arcade games anymore (I’m more into First-Person Shooter games now) but this game got me hooked on these type of games again.

So let me talk a little about it. You control a Spartan character named Kratos who was a disciple of Ares, the Greek God of War. That was, until he was maligned by his very own god. Then it’s pay-back time! With the help of the other Olympian gods, you seek a way to get back at the very god that was once your master. In order to defeat Ares, you have to go through the streets of ancient Athens and the temple of Pandora on the mountain that sits on the back of Cronos, the fallen Titan.

Sounds epic? Well, it is! The game levels remind me of old fantasy flicks like Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans. In some levels, it reminded me of Indiana Jones dungeon crawling. And the last fight(s) reminded me of Belgarion vs Torak in David Eddings’ Belgariad series. You can learn more about the game by reading the reviews about it.

So, if you have a PS2 and you haven’t played it yet, I really recommend you get it. You won’t regret it.

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