A Night of Unlimited Bowling

At Chadstone’s AMF Bowling, they have a Saturday night unlimited bowling promo that starts 11 pm (that’s right, an hour before midnight) and ends 1:30 am (that’s right, after midnight) for only $21. One round of bowling is normally $19 and $23 for two games. So, $21 for potentially four games (if we bowl real fast) seems like a good deal.

The Saturday before last, I and other Pinoy pals had three lanes of unlimited bowling. I wasn’t able to write about it earlier because I was preoccupied with other stuff during the past few days at work and at home.

Anyway, we had fun and we had improved since the last two times we went out for bowling. The other high point of that get together was that we met three new Pinoys again. And they were also living proof that it’s easy to get somebody a fiance permanent residency visa. I know that it was supposed to be ok but I’ve never really met anybody who had done it. They said that as long as you have documentation (dating receipts, love letters, etc…), you shouldn’t have any problems. No need to get married first just to get a girlfriend or boyfriend from the Philippines.

Back to the bowling, by the third game, everybody was getting tired. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the playing or because it was getting very late. Still, we had our fun in the end. Too bad not everybody was able to come along. Maybe next time.

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