It’s a privilege after all

Almost a month ago, Gabriel posted an entry entitled Esprit Privilege Card Disappointment, citing his sense of being cheated at being handed a temporary card with an issue date of 27/05/05 and an expiry date of 27/8/05. He opined that accumulating the required $300 worth of receipts in 3 months wasn’t worth the 3 months I would get to use the discount being offered. I guess he felt cheated, who in their right minds would be enticed by such a “deal”?

When we got the temporary card, we were told that it would take 8 weeks for the permanent plastic card to arrive. I remember telling Gabriel after leaving the store that with just 3 short months of effectivity, why even bother sending a plastic card? Perhaps the real card would have a longer use by date? He was skeptical because the temporary card didn’t say anything about what the expiry date would be on the card and scanning the print on the Esprit Privilege Card (epc) cardboard booklet didn’t say anything at all about the expiry date. He even searched for information on Esprit’s website if it mentions anything about the duration of this discount card but came up empty. Hmm… maybe it is just the 3 short months written on the card after all.

Well, I received my little red plastic card from Esprit today and guess what? The expiry date printed is still 2 years away! What’s more, the card could be used at Esprit retail stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, including Hongkong and Singapore. Well, that’s certainly good news. It means I could get 15% off the tag price of a merchandise in any of their stores, even when I’m doing my shopping abroad.

I guess Gabriel spoke too soon of his disappointment huh? Oops.

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