Our Second Wedding Anniversary

Long time, no blog. We’ve been busy lately and had no time to write anything remotely interesting in the past several days. So let me just bore you for now with what we’ve been up to.

Last Monday, June 20, was our second wedding anniversary. We celebrated the occassion by booking a room at Melbourne’s famous 5-star hotel — Crown Towers. It was expensive, sure, but we were able to afford it because it was only an overnighter and they were offering a special one-night winter get-away package. I also just wanted to feel what it’s like to spend a night at a 5-star hotel again (it’s been a while).

We had dinner at Georges, an Italian restaurant right in the casino area. It’s just too bad that we weren’t able to take good photos there because photo-taking was prohibited in the casino. And then there was a mix-up with our order of garlic pizza which became a chicken barbecue pizza which became a garlic pizza again which finally became a chicken barbecue pizza.

As I musn’t discuss what has transpired later that evening, I’ll just fast-forward to the following morning.

The package included a complimentary breakfast buffet at their Conservatory restaurant. Well, I certainly ate more than I should but I thought, when would I get a chance to eat a buffet breakfast again?” Let’s see… they were serving the following dishes: scrambled eggs, variety of breads (like croissants), sausages, bacon, toast, fruits, siopao, lugaw (congee), fried rice, cereals, pancakes and fruit juices. Although I felt guilty about eating too much afterwards, I definitely enjoyed my breakfast.

We soon checked out of our room and drove back to our home sweet home. After lunch, we just decided that maybe we could drive all the way to the regional Victorian City of Ballarat to take some photos of the town. Last time we were there was two years ago when Raquel and I first went to Melbourne for our honeymoon. At the time, we went straight to Ballarat’s famous attraction — Sovereign Hill, a recreation of an 1850’s gold-mining town which is kind of like Nayong Pilipino back home but better.
Ballarat Botanical Gardens.
Click image for more.Anyway, we went anyway because according to the Ballarat’s tourism site’s propaganda, Ballarat was only 75 minutes away from Melbourne. In fact, it took us something like two hours to get there.

By the time we got there, there was probably a couple of hours’ worth of sunlight left so weren’t able to take a lot of photos. We were able to go to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens though where we spent the remainder of the daylight time taking pictures.

When it became dark, we drove back to Melbourne. The trip back to our apartment took longer than our trip to Ballarat because by the time we got to Melbourne, it was already rush-hour and everybody was already on the road, too.

It was an enjoyable day overall. We were tired though when we got home so we just stayed home the whole day the following day. Fortunately, we also asked for a Tuesday day-off.

Photoblog Links:
Our stay at the Crown Towers
Our impromptu Ballarat trip

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