Suburb Hunting

Yesterday, our group of Pinoy friends went on a long road trip to the Great Ocean road south of Victoria. Raquel and I decided not to go mainly because we wanted to get some rest and catch up on sleep.

Irar, one of our Pinoy friends who also wasn’t able to come along for the road trip, recently moved to her new apartment near Altona beach. She was raving about how the area was great so we thought that maybe we should check out Altona as a possible suburb we could move to in the in the future.

She kindly showed us around the area and it was just beautiful. She lives like literally a stone’s throw away from this small park. The beach was just one block away in one direction and the shops were one block away in another. The train station was maybe two blocks away in yet another direction. It was all pretty convenient. The neighborhood seemed rather peaceful, too.

After some exploring by foot around Irar’s neighborhood, we said our good-bye and looked around farther afield by car. It had this suburban feel that I actually crave for now after having lived in Canberra for over three years. Another bonus was that the area was near the sea.

I was about to discount the suburbs west of Melbourne totally from the list of suburbs we’re looking at for houses. The westerd suburb of Altona is definitely in my list now. The available houses we’re interested in at the moment are still beyond our means though. I just hope there would still be houses we like by the time we save enough for a down payment.

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