Bowling and Movie Night Out

We went out again yesterday for another get-together with the Pinoy gang. We met around 7:30 pm at the Crown Casino foodcourt to have lunch. There were a few more faces that night. RChristian brought his American friend Ted, Irar brought her friend’s friend Efrain and Milkshake brought his officemate Rani. Well, the more the merrier.

Before dinner, Chinita checked to see what time is the next showing of Mr and Mrs Smith. After she saw that the queue for the movie was very long, we decided to just skip the movie and just play ten-bowling instead of watching a movie first then play bowling next.

After dinner, at around 8 pm, we went to the bowling alley to book ourselves a couple of lanes. The bowling attendant told Chinita, our de-facto activities coordinator, that the earliest time we could get a lane would be at 11:45 pm. So, what were we supposed to do between 8 to 11:45?

We ended up buying tickets for the Mr and Mrs Smith movie anyway. Since there were a lot of us, we were able to get a discount for the tickets. Unfortunately, the showing we got was for the 10:45 pm one. That meant that we still had to wait for about two hours.

It wasn’t a total waste of time though. We first chatted with each other near the cinema box office until we noticed that maybe we were getting in the way of the people wanting to queue to buy movie tickets. We continued our chat by the coffee shop a level down. The time actually flew by rather quickly when you’re having fun.

Soon, it was 10:30 and we went on our way to the cinema. Jacky who wasn’t going to be joining us managed to catch up. Unluckily, she wasn’t able to get a ticket to the same show we were about to watch so she just bought a ticket to watch Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith instead. We decided that we could just meet up with her after the movies were done.

By the time the movie ended (the movie was good and quite funny in my opinion, by the way), it was already past 1 am! So we hurried to the bowling alley to find out if the bowling attendant already gave away the lanes we had reserved for 11:45. I’m not really sure as to what happened then (because Chinita and the girls were the ones talking to the bowling people) but in the end, we still got three lanes. We divided into three teams and played till 3 am.

I sucked bad that night but it was all good. We were there to have fun and that’s what we had. Maybe next time though, we could choose a bowling alley that didn’t allow smoking as cigarette smoke really irritates my eyes and throat.

Anyway, it was a long time ago since I stayed out that late with friends having fun. All though it was tiring, it was well worth it.

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