The Sausage Lady

Yesterday, Raquel and I went to Megamart (a supposedly low-price electronics and furniture only line of Myer shops) at Chadstone to browse at digital cameras. We just wanted to know how much an Olympus C-770 Ultra Zoom camera at the shop. Yes, we’re about to replace our relatively new Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P73 mainly because we wanted a digital camera with higher optical zoom capabilities (C-770 had 10x while DSC-P73 has 3x).

While there, we also looked at current TV models. We’re thinking of getting another one with a bigger screen size (68cm or bigger). We’ll probably end up buying some cheap 68cm Sanyo or Philips TV instead of those very expensive digital HD LCD TVs that are priced at a minimum of $1999. Anyway, we were just browsing with no real intention of buying a new TV.

I also looked around for a USB Headset so that I can voice chat with people playing online on the Playstation 2. The PS2 doesn’t seem to support text-chat with a keyboard during an actual game session so the only way to communicate with teammates in team-based online games is with a headset (unlike in PC games like Counter-strike). I was also looking around for USB keyboards and mice hoping that I could connect those to my PS2 and make first-person shooting games easier to play. It’s very difficult to play FPS games with the controller, let me tell you.

Anyway, by the time we were finished with all the in-store browsing, I was feeling a bit hungry. The smell of barbecued sausages wafting through the shop’s exit only made me think more of buying something to eat than getting something electronic.

So when Raquel and I got out of the shop, I stopped by the sausage stand (also called a “sausage sizzle”) right by the shop entrance. Although I can already see thin sausages, “jumbo” hotdog sausages and sliced onions cooking on the grill, I was curious to know what exactly was for sale and for how much so I stood there to read the “menu” on the banner.

The jumbo hotdog was $5 while the sausage was for $3 on roll and $2.50 on bread. Condiments and onions were free of charge. I wasn’t finished reading the “menu” when the sausage lady asked me what I wanted.

I wasn’t ready to order but she was rushing me somewhat. The way she asked me what I wanted, it had the tone of “are you ordering or not?” But wait a minute. $3 on roll and $2.50 on bread? Erm, what was the difference? Isn’t a roll also bread? I saw hotdog buns on a plastic container on their table but I wasn’t sure if that was the roll or the bread.

So, I asked her, “what is the roll and what is the bread?”

“Yes,” she replied. “That’s $3.”

What? That didn’t make sense so I asked her again. “What bread is that?” I asked while pointing at the hotdog buns.

“Those are rolls,” she said. “This is bread,” she added in a irritated tone of voice while holding up a slice of loaf of bread. She certainly was in a sour mood. It’s not my fault I didn’t grew up in Australia. Maybe it was obvious to Aussies that the bun was the roll and not bread but it wasn’t obvious to me. Although I was thinking that maybe the bun was the roll before hand but I was still curious what the “bread” was if the bun was the roll.

Anyway, she was still rushing me so I just decided on the $5 jumbo hotdog-like sausage which wasn’t really like the hotdogs I grew up on but tasted close enough. I also asked that onions be added. There was also a container with shredded cheese on the table so I asked her, “is the cheese going to cost extra?”

“Yes,” she replied curtly. “It says so right on the board, mate.”

I would’ve found that out for myself if she wasn’t rushing me and hadn’t interrupted me from reading the said board! If she didn’t like selling sausages, she shouldn’t be selling sausages!

Anyway, there was a table nearby with three condiments: tomato sauce (a.k.a. ketchup), mustard and barbecue sauce. I added tomato sauce first but discovered that the barbecue sauce actually goes better with these sausages. The sausage actually tasted great which sort of balanced out the negative experience I had with the sausage lady.

Even though I didn’t enjoy my interaction with the sausage lady, I’d probably buy sausage rolls again from a sausage sizzle stand in the future. I just wouldn’t buy from her again.

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