Falling off the face of the earth

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t blogged anything substantial for a couple of weeks now, I’d just like to say that, nope, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Yet. I’m too busy with work that I haven’t had any spare time to blog. I’d rant and rave about schedules and priorities but I don’t want to be dooced. So let’s not go there.

I’m also seriously considering studying for the Microsoft certification. In fact, I’ve started Chapter 1 of the training guide I’ve bought last week. Sadly though, I had to switch reading materials when I had to quickly learn about a certain technology I need to use for work. Why, oh why, did I ever get myself into computer science? Being in this industry means studying the technologies Microsoft and the likes of them kept churning out at seemingly break-neck speed. Perhaps I could have been better off as an accountant instead. But that’s another story.

Some may argue that certification is not worth the money and effort, employers look for solid hands-on experience over certification anytime. True, some employers even look at certifications suspiciously because they think that only those who lack experience would go through the certification process.

But that’s beside the point, I’m not currently looking for another job anyway. I want to get the certification to force myself to study the new technology. Without that as an end goal, I’ll just be too lazy to read up on it that I’ll never do it at all. As my previous boss said, a worker is only as good as his mastery of his tools. I certainly want to learn as much about the tools I’ll be using if not be a master of it.

Earning my previous MCSD certification was also a positive experience for me since it made me aware of what’s possible or not for the tool I’m using, enabled me to understand why something behaves a certain way, be able to get around a limitation if I need to plus being able to speak to my peers with confidence. Which is why I’m keen on renewing my certifications now, I feel like I’m getting left behind. Time to catch up and devote some serious time to it. If only it could be a little less painful!

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