He loves the sound of his voice – or so he should by the amount of talking he has done. There’s no pause in his monologue and trying to change the topic is futile. He just ignores you and keeps on talking on the current topic. No indication at all that he cared or even heard what you said. He just keeps on blabbing gossip about his friends who I’ve never even met. Hello, like I care?!?

He imposes on people, uncaring of your feelings and what you want even if he’s in your own home. He’s the guest, you should cater to his needs and feed him. When he speaks, he doesn’t try to convince – just states in a very demeaning manner that what you want is not cool, something that’s beneath him. He demands attention, he is king and everyone should serve him. Everyone bow in his presence and submit to his every whim.

He wears out his welcome very fast and yet seems oblivious to it. He takes silence as a sign of agreement and never considers that perhaps it’s because you disagree with his views. Heck, you can’t be annoyed, his views are irreverent and revolutionary and your backward thinking doesn’t suit. He tells a racist joke and nobody laughs. He tries another.

I choose the company I keep. My time on this earth is limited and I don’t want to be around callous, negative people who couldn’t care less about the people around them. If I have a choice, I would have cut ties with this person long ago. But then again in this situation, the decision is not mine to make.

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