Met with Pinoys in Melbourne

It’s almost a year since we moved from Canberra to Melbourne and the thing I missed most from the move was the lack of Pinoy friends and acquaintances here in Melbourne. I went to a gathering of Melburnian Pinoys a while back but I wasn’t able to make strong bonds then. So, recently, I decided that I’d make more of an effort to get to know more Pinoys here on the off chance that I meet people whom I could click with.

Recently, I started reading the message board again hoping to join another small get-together of Melburnian-Pinoys. Unfortunately, by the time I started reading again, a get-together had just happened and I missed it.

So, I posted on the message board something in the lines of: would anybody be interested to have a casual meeting (like, play ten-pin bowling) in the CBD. There were maybe five or so who posted that they were interested with something like that. After a lot of changes in schedule and venue, it was finally decided that we just meet for a fastfood dinner.

The plan was that we meet at Federation Square just outside the Melbourne Visitor Centre structure at the corner of Swanston St and Flinders St at 5:30 pm Friday (yesterday). We’d wait till 6 pm for any straglers then proceed to have dinner at a yet undecided fastfood joint like Maccas (McDonald’s), Hungry Jacks (aka Burger King) or KFC.

That evening, I met Elmer aka SilentSentinel and Ivy aka irar01. They’re both new to Melbourne with just arriving here a month or so ago. I suddenly felt such an oldie. Anyway, while waiting for other who may or may not arrive, we just chatted away right there out in the cold Federation Square plaza. We talked a lot about our experiences in migrating to Australia. Being the person there who had been in Australia the longest, of course, I told them what I’ve learned so far about Australia and Melbourne in particular.

We continued our conversation over dinner at Hungry Jacks along Swanston St near Flinders St Station. Elmer’s friend who worked at Domain (I didn’t catch his name) who planned to catch up called Elmer saying he wasn’t going to be coming after all. He was already at home when he made the call, actually. Ah, well.

We parted ways around 7:45 pm. Elmer decided to stick around the CBD to do some window-shopping (the shops close at 9 pm on Fridays in Melbourne as opposed to 5 pm – 6 pm). Ivy took the bus home and Raquel and I went to the train station to catch the next Sandringham line train.

On the ride home, I realised that I was exhausted from the meeting. I thought that maybe I got myself so worked up during the meeting with Elmer and Ivy. I thought back and realised that I was extra talkative that night. It was probably the extrovert in me really missing the company of other people to talk to. I hope I didn’t scare them away with my seemingly over-eagerness (is there even such a word?).

Anyway, I’m hoping that we can have another meeting to give us more time to get to know each other much better. Mike aka Milkshake offered to have an overnight at his house one of these Fridays so that the next day, we can start early on a road trip to a place yet to be decided on. Sounds fun. We’ll see what happens then.

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