Rice Rice Baby

I was washing my hands in the company’s small kitchen when one of my officemates came in. He was holding a transparent plastic container holding his baon(packed lunch). Peering through the side, I saw he’s having rice and minced pork with some vegetables today. He then asked if I eat rice as well since he does everyday (he’s Chinese, in case you’re wondering). I laughed and answered in the affirmative. “Of course! It’s not a proper meal without rice,” I said. He agreed.

That encounter reminded me of the time when I was still working in Canberra and during one morning tea, I was talking to an Indian colleague and we were comparing the merits of the different kinds of rice. We both agreed that long-grained rice is no good, you get hungry only after a few hours and I mentioned that that I like the smell of Jasmine rice cooking. She then said that Basmati rice is the best, fragrant and very filling. The Australian ladies in the group overheard us and commented that they haven’t noticed any smell coming from steamed rice before. They also marvelled that we could eat rice and not get hungry. To quote one lady, “I eat rice, get full very quickly and after a couple of hours, I’m hungry again!”

Well, I could say the same for their sandwiches, salads and meat pies. I wonder how they last till the next meal eating only those kinds of food. Even if I feel full after meals featuring those, I crave for something more after a couple of hours. Maybe it’s psychological – to my mind, those are only merienda(snack) food, my stomach’s waiting for the real meal with rice.

I guess old habits die hard. I’m Raquel and I’m a carb addict.

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