The Arts Centre

Last Sunday, Raquel and I went to The Arts Centre in the Melbourne CBD to look at the free exhibit featuring Melbourne’s own, Kylie Minogue or currently known simply as Kylie. To be precise, the exhibition featured Kylie’s wardrobe as seen on her videos and concerts.

Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed in the actual exhibit so we were only able to take photos of The Arts Centre’s surroundings. So, if you go to Raquel’s Photoblog, you’ll see more pics taken around The Arts Centre than what’s actually inside.

Anyway, in the Kylie exhibit, there were several costumes worn by Kylie, as I’ve mentioned. The clothes were fitted over mannequins that were supposed to be in the exact same proportions as the real Kylie. And that’s when we noticed how petite she actually was. It seemed like Raquel was taller, in fact. However, Kylie seemed to posses the proportions of a taller woman despite her shortness. It was like you have this taller woman shrunk proportionally down to her size.

After looking at the exhibit, we continued to the Arts Centre Sunday market along Southbank. I’m not sure if it’s actually called that though so don’t quote me on that one. In the market, they sold anything and everything — mostly inexpensive novelty gift items. So, if you wanted something cute and uncommon to give somebody (as birthday prezzies or pasalubong), you can drop by on a Sunday and buy it there.

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