USB – PSX Controller Adapter Returned

In my previous post, I mentioned that I bought a Super Dual Box USB-PSX Controller Adapter (a gadget that allows me to plug in a Playstation game controller to my PC through the USB port) from Harvey Norman. I also wrote that it worked and I loved it.

Unfortunately, when I tried using it again the next day, my PC can’t seem to recognise the direction buttons of the game controller. I tried fiddling around with the hardware driver settings for the adapter and I still got nowhere. Finally, I decided to plug the adaptor to another free USB slot and that seemed to have fixed it.

But, after rebooting, the controller stopped working again. Plugging it to another free USB slot fixed it again but that meant that I was going to eventually run out of free USB slots (plugging it to USB port slots that was previously used by the controller doesn’t work). There is nothing else to do but return the gadget to Harvey Norman. I guess it’s just as well since I’m now strongly considering just purchasing an actual Playstation 2 gaming console (it had gotten real cheap lately).

One of the reasons why I bought the device from Harvey Norman was because, in my experience, they offer a full refund for devices bought in their store if you can convince the person at the Computer Service desk that the only option available for you is to return the device.

So, yesterday, I went to the Harvey Norman store at Southland shopping centre a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a refund for the gadget. I first went to the lady at the cashier and told her the problem and that I was hoping for a full refund. She redirected me to the person at the Computer Service desk (as I expected).

The guy at the Computer Service desk was fortunately a pleasant person. I explained to him my experience with the device in question. He asked me some questions like my PC’s operating system and he concluded that the gadget may not work consistently with my PC. He wrote on my receipt that he recommended a full refund and signed it. Thank goodness, I told myself. Specially since I’m no longer that keen on having this adapter anyway even if it did work properly on my machine. Also, I could use the refunded $50 to help pay the cost of the Playstation 2 I’m thinking of buying.

So, I went to the cashier lady and showed the signed receipt. The cashier asked me additional questions regarding the problem. I wasn’t sure if she was asking me these questions because she was genuinely curious about the problem or was she just making sure I didn’t just pulled one over the Computer Service person. Huh. Nevertheless, I got my $50 refund and that was that.

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