Pain in the Neck Part 2

A few days ago, I’ve complained that I had this awful pain in the neck. That pain was on my left shoulder and the left side of my neck.

Well, just as I thought the pain was almost gone for good, I woke up on Tuesday with a similar pain but on my right side! I thought about just staying home then but decided that I could probably endure it for the rest of the day. I also wanted to try the neck massage given at the Australia on Collins mall during the lunch break.

I had a difficult time concentrating on my work for the better part of the day. My posture at work wasn’t helping me at all. I got a little reprieve right after the $10 neck massage though. It was an amazing thing! It was my first enjoyable neck and shoulder massage.

Before going to bed, I applied Deep Heat on my shoulders and neck hoping that it would heal away the pain by morning. Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning, the pain was still persistent. I then decided to just stay home and rest the shoulder and neck and take some pain medication.

In the afternoon, I decided to go have another neck and shoulder massage but I didn’t want to go all the way to Australia on Collins just for that. So I went to a nearby Chinese massage service (like when I was in Canberra) to have a neck and shoulder massage (for $20!).

During the massage section, the pain was almost unbearable but I toughed it out. The pain I was receiving from the masseuse was numbing the pain I was feeling from my shoulder and neck. After the session, I was pleasantly surprised to feel improvement. That is, there was less pain now. Hopefully, the pain will have completely disappeared by tomorrow.

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