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The bag that houses my personal documents is getting noticeably fatter so I went through it with the intention of weeding out the unnecessary and outdated ones. Going through those papers is like going through time though and I got distracted when I chanced upon some of my documentation while I was going through the application process of migrating here over four years ago.

Looking at the timeline below, notice that the whole process took me nearly 1.5 years to complete. It doesn’t sound like much now but it sure felt like a lifetime while I was going through it. There was also this 8-month gap between my medical exam and receiving the letter informing me that my application has been approved. There is no correspondence whatsoever from the embassy during this time and I was getting impatient so I called up the embassy thrice, always getting the same answer – No decision on (my) application yet. Not terribly helpful nor informative but I suppose there’s not much else they could tell me about the progress of my application either.

Fast forward four years and here we are, with you reading this entry created by me here in Australia, home to me for almost three years now. It took awhile but as they say, all’s well that ends well. There’s currently a lot of noise about the need for more skilled migrants so hopefully this entry gives you a picture of how it could go. Remember though that this information is more than 4 years old now and it’s best to check the immigration website for the latest policies, fees/rates and timing.

Date Comment
Dec 20, 2000 Left for Australia on a tourist visa (for a vacation and to see how living in Australia would be like – Could I see myself living here long-term?)
Jan 03, 2001 Soul-searching done. Australia looked like a very good place to be so I took the first step towards applying for migration by submitting my documentation & fee to the Australian Computer Society(ACS) for Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) assessment. The assessing body responsible for assessing your qualification depends on which industry you belong to so check the Australian immigration website for more information.
Feb 07, 2001 Date on letter received from ACS declaring my qualifications as suitable for migration
Feb 20, 2001 Acquired an Independent Skilled Migration application booklet from Australian embassy in Makati (Cost: P250)
Mar 15, 2001 Lodged migration application form with all necessary documentation to the Australian embassy in Makati (Cost: P27,900)
Mar 20, 2001 Date on letter received from embassy confirming receipt of my application. File reference number contained in this letter.
Jul 24, 2001 Date on letter received from embassy informing me to undergo medical examination. This letter also listed the documents I need to bring to the exam with me plus a document stating the guidelines for the medical exam and a list of clinics/doctors that are qualified to perform the exam.
Aug 13, 2001 Visa medical examination done at a clinic in Makati (Cost: P1,500)
Apr 24, 2002 Date on letter received from the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs informing me that my visa has been granted on the condition that I land on Australia before Aug 11, 2002.
Jun 22, 2002 Attended a seminar conducted by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas in order to have a sticker pasted into my passport attesting that I have indeed attended this seminar. I was told by their office that I wouldn’t be allowed by the customs official at the Philippine airport to leave if I don’t have this sticker stuck in my passport. I was expecting this to be a waste of time and money but actually had fun chatting with the other immigrants heading for different parts of the world. The session also gives the attendees some tips on packing, what to expect and settling in a new country; overall a good experience.
Jul 19, 2002 Arrived at Sydney airport


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  1. Hello Jose,

    It has been such a long time now and I don’t really remember all the fees I’ve paid nor the amount for my migration. The ones that I remember or have a record of are already listed in the post above (in Philippine pesos). Other miscellaneous fees include getting all the necessary documentation together (birth certificate, transcript of records, proof of language skills or IELTS exam, marriage certificate if it applies, passport, fees for notarizing these, etc.) For an example of what you’d be looking at for application fees alone (for general skilled migration), visit this page from the immigration site.

    You’d also be expected to pay for the application booklet from the immigration, application fee, medical exam fee and fee to get a copy of police clearance. And if you’re lucky to have your application approved, you also have to have money for plane ticket(s), airport tax, seminar fee for POEA (if you’re a Filipino coming from the Philippines) plus enough pocket money to last you 3-6 months while you try to find work.

    As for living in a particular area, you could choose to nominate a state where you plan to live/work and sometimes this might even help your application (if they need your skill in that area). As for me, I didn’t actually live in Sydney, it was only my first port of entry. I took a domestic flight from there to Canberra, where I lived and worked (by choice and necessity).

  2. Hi,

    I know things may have changed by now. But as a general guideline, what fees and how much at the time were associated with your migration to Australia. Were you told to live in Sydney or was it your choice entirely?


  3. Hello,

    It seems you are a lucky guy and got what ever you want by going australia, i want to know about RPL process.

    I am in India and completed only Secondary School Certification but i am in IT since 1994 so i am having very good professional experience and right now i am working in USA based company as Manager Systems / Network, You can go throug my Resume if needed

    I want to do RPL or any equilant process that help me to land in Australia

    Thanks a loat in Advance.
    Hitesh Pandya.

  4. Hi Jeffrey,

    I’m in the IT industry and I went through the skills assessment instead of the RPL assessment. If you want to learn more about the RPL process, I suggest that you visit the Philippines.com.au forum where some people may help you with your enquiries. Good luck!

  5. Hello,

    My name is Jeffrey and currently living in Port Moresby, PNG. Just want to know what profession are you in coz I need some assistance to my rpl.



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