Sumalangit Nawa ang Iyong Kaluluwa, Tatay

I posted a few days ago that Tatay was admitted to the ICU of Perpetual Help Medical Center due to pneumonia. A few minutes ago, Tatay died in the hospital. The details are still a bit sketchy as I cannot talk to my Mom over the phone properly. She’s so grief stricken that I couldn’t get any details from her.

I always thought he’d live forever. He was always so strong. Even though he was beyond 65 (at the time of my youth), he’d always be well groomed and would drive me to uni at De La Salle University in Taft Ave and back. He was witty. He liked to talk about his past as any grandparent probably would. I just wish that I had the opportunity to ask him more about his life.

Tatay, sumalangit nawa ang iyong kaluluwa. May you rest in peace.

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One groovy lolo

He was in front of the mirror trying to smooth his hair into place with some pomade, coaxing back a few stray strands with his hand. Beside the sink is a box of hair dye he has just used to transform his thinning silver hair back to black. Mang Teodoro was going out that day. He has already changed from his usual T-shirt, shorts and slippers into a striped polo shirt, slacks and brown top siders.

He greeted me warmly as Gj and I went into their house. He asked if we’ve already eaten and asked the househelp to give us something to eat. As the table was being set, he’d tell us of stories of years past when Coastal Road is still really beside the coast and Manila Bay is safe to swim in. He’d reminisce about his time as a government employee in Pasay when he met (then) Mayor Pablo Cuneta himself.

When he noticed that the table was ready, he said something witty (I can’t remember now to give an example), got his plastic envelope where he keeps his documents, waved and left us smiling.

“Ang groovy naman ng lolo mo (Your grandpa’s so groovy/cool),” I joked to Gj. I remember thinking to myself that I would like to age as gracefully as Lolo (Grandpa) Doro, still enjoying life and taking good care of himself even though he was pushing 75 then, if memory serves.

Last time I saw him was when we went home for our wedding almost 2 years ago. He wasn’t as strong as I remembered him to be. There was a touch of melancholy about him and the spring in his steps was noticeably missing. Then late last year, we learned that he couldn’t eat properly and was having trouble with his health. He was hospitalised last week due to pneumonia. He passed away just a few minutes ago.

It’s sad to think that I won’t be seeing him anymore. In my mind though, he’d always be the cool lolo with the carefully combed hair in the neatly pressed polo shirt, slacks and shoes.

Goodbye, Lolo Doro. Thanks for all the good memories.

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