Pain in the Neck

Last Saturday night, I spent a few minutes drawing on my sketch pad as I lied face down in bed. When I stood up to place the sketch pad on the table, a sudden sharp pain surged through my left shoulder and the back of my neck.

That wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced that kind of pain though. Back when I was still working at the Canberra Hospital, I experienced the exact same sharp pain after standing up from a slouching seating position. Although not as painful as having a kidney stone, it was still pretty excrutiating. And no, it’s not just “stiff neck.” I know how stiff neck feels like and that wasn’t it.

Last time, the pain lasted for a couple of weeks or more. Too bad there isn’t a manghihilot here in Australia. The best I could do was to go to a physiotherapist or chiropractor. I went to a chiropractor the first time and it didn’t go well.

The stupid guy used his elbows to dig deep into my spine! Instead of relieving the pain, he was aggravating it. With each rub, my muscle tensed and tensed because of the pain. He then stopped. He then told me that I shouldn’t be so tense. How couldn’t I be so tense when he was hurting me!?

Anyway, this time round, I’m worried about going back to a chiropractor. It’s like day two now and my neck and shoulder, though still feeling the pain, is feeling much better. I just hope that the pain won’t last as long as the first time.

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