Iba Ang May Pinagsamahan…

San Miguel Beer! So goes the old San Miguel Beer TV jingle from my youth. I’m not sure if that jingle is still used in SMB commercials in the Philippines though. Anyway, I just wanted to let you Pinoys know that San Miguel has arrived in Australia!

The first I’ve heard news about San Miguel coming over was around August 2004. Australian drink company Berri released a news article about Berri and San Miguel joining forces:

Berri Ltd, Australia’s leading juice company has announced a new partnership with San Miguel Corporation, the largest publicly listed food, beverage and packaging company in South East Asia.

I don’t think that deal went through though because when I tried searching for relevant news regarding San Miguel’s move to Australia, I only get articles relating to San Miguel Corp’s bid to buy Australian dairy producer National Foods.

Anyway, the reason why I believe that San Miguel is truly here in Oz was because of the poster ads I’ve been seeing around Melbourne.

San Miguel Beer Ad 1   San Miguel Beer Ad 2
San Miguel Ads I saw around Melbourne
Click image for full views.

Unfortunately, both Raquel and I don’t really drink beer so the only reason I even found out that San Miguel may already be available in the Australian market was because of the poster ads. And since I don’t drink, I really can’t verify if the taste of San Miguel Beer here would be identical to that sold at home. At least, for those of you planning to migrate to Oz, you now know that, here, you’ll have access to beer you’re familiar with at home.

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