Still sick

It’s been more than a week now since I first had the symptoms of the common cold. However, I’m still filling my rubbish bins with countless tissues and have already missed one day at work after suffering from stuffy nose, headache and slight fever. I decided it’s time to visit my GP to see what’s going on. I called my GP to book an appointment but was told that she’s fully booked for the day. Uh-oh.

I was so miserable and sick of being sick that I tried booking an appointment with some other GPs but was told that they were fully booked as well. Looks like a lot of people are also sick and visiting their GPs. One GP was even fully booked out till April 19th! Well, perhaps because he does bulk billing and his office is near a residential area (ours). Oh well, I guess I’d have to see my GP In the city after all.

I went to see the GP today and after 10 minutes consultation, got out of her office clutching my prescription for a week’s worth of antibiotics. She told me that I have a “crackle” in my chest and that I have a sinus infection. Great, not again. I used to have recurring sinusitis when I was still living in the Philippines with my chain-smoking dad and looks like our similarly inclined neighbour has also worsened my condition this time. This neighbour would hold smoking sessions outside his door (which, incidentally is right beside our door) with his friends thus filling our unit with second hand smoke! Grrhhh… We’re seriously considering moving out when our lease ends in June.

Anyway, after forking over the $53 consultation fee to the doctor’s receptionist, I went and bought the antibiotics with some lozenges as my throat has been really sore brought on by dry, racking coughs. Forked over $25.40 for the lot after signing away my script. Next, I went to the Medicare office a few blocks away and presented my receipt to the smiling teller and got my reimbursement of $30.85. Well, that would mean that I really only paid $22.15 out of pocket, not too bad but that’s still 2 meals worth (in a takeaway shop, not a fancy restaurant). Oh well, at least I get some benefits from my taxes. Meantime, there’s nothing for me to do but wait for the medicine to do its job. Sigh.

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Farewell, Pope John Paul II

In a speech made to the general audience in May 1995, Pope John Paul II gave the following affirmation (translation taken from a documentary shown by SBS on April 2, based on a film directed by Krzysztof Zanussi):

I give thanks to God for having been born and for being called upon my particular mission. And above all, I renew before Christ my pledge to serve the Church as long as He wishes, surrendering myself totally to His will. I leave to Him the decision as to when and how He wishes to relieve me of this service.

On April 2, Karol Jozef Wojtyla‘s service as pope ended after he succumbed to heart failure and septic shock after years of declining health. Today, his life in the public eye ends with his burial. Eternal peace to you, Pope John Paul II!

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My maternal grandfather whom I refer to as Tatay (means Father in Tagalog but I call him that because I grew up with Mom calling him that) was admitted to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of the Perpetual Help Medical Center in my home town. Tatay had been growing weak for some time now due to a digestive disorder so I was actually surprised that he had been taken to the hospital not because of a digestive problem but because of pneumonia.

Around noon yesterday, I received an SMS text message from my Dad informing me that Tatay fell into a coma!

I didn’t know what to do when I found out. Here I was in a far away country and for all I know, Tatay could die real soon. I was away from home since 2003 and I dearly wanted to be able to speak to him again. I was real afraid that I wouldn’t get to have a chance.

I seriously contemplated to arrange for a flight home but unfortunately, due to a problem with my visa, I will encounter problems with immigration and customs on my return to Australia. Trying to rectify the problem will take some time so it wasn’t possible for me to go home that quickly.

So when I talked to Mom again over the phone later that evening, I was very happy and relieved to find out that Tatay had come out of his coma.

I thank God that He has given Tatay an extension of life. I pray he recover from his illness and could check out of the ICU soon. I look forward to the day I’m able to see him and talk to him again.

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