Melbourne Alleys

Melbourne’s city centre with its grid layout streets has lots of curious alleyways. So a few days ago, Raquel decided to take photos of the different alleys peppered around Melbourne CBD (central business district) just for kicks.

Walking along Melbourne’s atmospheric alleyways certainly showcases the city’s numerous outdoor cafes and outdoor restaurants. In fact, it is on these alleys where we usually have our lunch. To me, dining in such an environment makes me feel very cozy and relaxed.

Our only complaint about dining in these alleys is that cigarette smoke tends to stay in place in the alley due to the lack of wind blowing through. Because of this we tend to eat indoors instead and so we miss out a little by not being able to enjoy dining along the alley itself.

Back in my home country, I wouldn’t stay long in the city’s alleys as they are usually just dumping grounds. Whereas here in Melbourne, a lot of alleys seem to have a vibrant life of its own. So when you do visit Melbourne one of these days, be sure to drop by some of its many alleyways and grab a cup of coffee or something and immerse yourself in the cafe culture atmosphere.

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