My head feels like it’s being squeezed by a vise, my nose is red, runny and raw while my throat feels like there’s a porcupine trying to set up shop there. There’s a trail of tissues everywhere I go, touting my box of tissues. I’ve downed several colds tablets since Thursday night and I can’t say that my situation’s improving.

Yup, I’m sick and I think it may be the flu (fingers crossed that it’s not one of those vicious ones and that it would leave my system soon). It was a beautiful day today with sunshine and warm wind blowing, perfect day for going out. But since the only thing that I felt like doing is to lie down, I was cooped up in the apartment all day, dozing off after watching some videos. It’s enough to make anyone miserable.

News of the ailing pope’s condition isn’t very cheery either, with bulletins that don’t give much hope of him recovering. Although a non-practicing Catholic, I feel sorrow that a great man and leader is fading fast. He has inspired millions, Christians or not, and has been a kind and gentle fixture in our lives. Being the only pope that I’ve ever known in my lifetime, there’s a sadness to see the beginning of the end of an era. I don’t believe there would be a miracle recovery for him this time but I hope he finds peace and an end to his suffering soon.

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