What’s in your bag?

I was surfing the other day and came across the what’s in your bag meme from Flickr. It was interesting to see what people are lugging around in their daily packs – a bit of voyeurism I guess. So, Gabriel and I took out the contents of our bags and photographed the lot.

Pretty basic things in my bag: Reading material borrowed from the library, magnetic clip-on sunnies, earphones, lip balm, pen, comb, USB cable for PDA, keys, Pocket PC with case, LG camera phone with case, wallet (with card, cash and some change), stuff for those times of the month, tissue, hair clips and camera of course! Click photo to view full size.

Gabriel’s daily pack: Reebok backpack with brolly on top, various brochures/vouchers, Finding Nemo OST borrowed from the library, spare battery, sunnies with case, blue mesh bag from Suga, screwdriver with some screws, receipts, medicines, hand lotion, folder and plastic envelope to hold important documents with cap and gloves on top, PDA in case, phone charger, ear buds for PDA, gum and snack bar, various pens/pencil/eraser, USB cable for PDA, old Constantine ticket, movie vouchers, packet of cotton buds/tips, black drawing book and small notepad for ideas/lists. Not in the photo are his keys, purse, wallet and Sony Ericsson camera phone. Click photo to view full size.

How about you, what’s in your bag?

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