Yesterday was another Tuesday and that meant it was movie night again! We watched 20th Century Fox’s new 3D Animated Feature Robots voiced by actors Robin Williams and Ewan McGregor, to name a few.

We were aiming for the 7:30 pm showing at the Jam Factory. It’s a good thing that it was after 6 pm as it was easier to find a free parking space along Chapel St after that time. The shops close early here, remember?

We got the car parked at around 7:15 pm and speed-walked our way to the cinemas. The Village Cinema at the Jam Factory assigns the customer a fixed seat so if you buy your ticket late, you’re going to be left with very crappy seats. And that’s what happened. The only available seats left were for the first and second rows (too close to the screen) so we opted to take the 8:40 pm show instead.

It was a good thing that Borders close shop at 11 pm so we got to hang out there while we wait for the next showing. Anyway, there were books I wanted to read.

Unlike the last time, the price of the ticket was $6 each. It was $1 more expensive than last time but it was still $6 well spent as the movie was absolutely great! For starters, it was hilarious. I liked the story and I certainly liked the quality of the animation, effects and 3D-ness (if there is such a word). Dare I say it? I think I loved this more than the Incredibles.

I guess this post is sort of a review so it wouldn’t be complete without a summary of what the movie is about. Here goes: The main protagonist is Rodney Copperbottom (voiced by Ewan McGregor) who is this country boy/robot who wanted to go to Robot City and be an inventor. With the encouragement of his parents, he went off to see the most beloved inventor robot in the city, Mr Bigweld (Mel Brook), but Rodney found that Bigweld was missing and that his company was now under new management. It’s up to Rodney and his new found city pals to save the day from the new evil corporate manager Mr Ratchet (Greg Kinnear). That’s essentially it.

So, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, I strongly recommend you watch it. See ya again at the movies.

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