The One With the Flat Tyre

Today, we thought that maybe we could take another round of house-hunting but this time, to the east. Unfortunately, we had stuff we need to buy at the shops now that they are open again (they were closed yesterday because of Good Friday). Anyway, this time round, Raquel took some photos of the inside of Chadstone Shopping Centre. You can look at them by clicking on the photo below.

Chadstone Shopping Centre
Click image for more photos

After buying what we went there for and taking our fill of snapshots, we got on the car and started the drive for home. We hadn’t gone far when the lady in the car beside us was waving at us while we were holding behind a red traffic light. Raquel opened her window to find out what she wanted. She told us that we had a flat left rear tyre (as they spell it here in Oz).

Me, loosening the rear left tyreIt suddenly made sense. It was probably the flat tyre that was causing the steering wheel to continually turn left and that I had to fight it since yesterday. That made me realise that maybe we had the flat tyre since yesterday. And the whole day we were travelling around Point Cook and Werribee, we must have had this flat tyre. I couldn’t believe our good fortune that nothing bad happened to us while on the road.

Anyway, I decided to turn the car around. We found a good spot in the mall parking lot where I could replace the tyre (where there weren’t a lot of people around). See, this is the first time I had to change a flat tyre by myself. Well, Raquel was there with me but this was the first time I had to do it with nobody else who knows how to change tyres on a car. It’s a good thing we had the car manual in the glove compartment.

It wasn’t too difficult to follow the instructions on the manual but it was still a lot of hard work. Trying to fit the new tyre onto the car was particularly difficult and tiring. The tyre weighed heavier than I expected. In the end, I got it done with the help of Raquel, of course. After wiping the perspiration off my face and the grease off my hands, we finally drove home. For real, this time.

As for tomorrow, I have to go take the spare tyre somewhere to have it fixed or something. Can’t risk driving around with a faulty spare tyre, after all.

Well, I’ve learned a lesson today. Something I should’ve learned when I first got the car (because I’ve read about it already). That is, to check the car tyres before any trip. If I’d done that, I could’ve discovered the flat tyre even before we left the house… yesterday.

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