The One With the Flat Tyre

Today, we thought that maybe we could take another round of house-hunting but this time, to the east. Unfortunately, we had stuff we need to buy at the shops now that they are open again (they were closed yesterday because of Good Friday). Anyway, this time round, Raquel took some photos of the inside of Chadstone Shopping Centre. You can look at them by clicking on the photo below.

Chadstone Shopping Centre
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After buying what we went there for and taking our fill of snapshots, we got on the car and started the drive for home. We hadn’t gone far when the lady in the car beside us was waving at us while we were holding behind a red traffic light. Raquel opened her window to find out what she wanted. She told us that we had a flat left rear tyre (as they spell it here in Oz).

Me, loosening the rear left tyreIt suddenly made sense. It was probably the flat tyre that was causing the steering wheel to continually turn left and that I had to fight it since yesterday. That made me realise that maybe we had the flat tyre since yesterday. And the whole day we were travelling around Point Cook and Werribee, we must have had this flat tyre. I couldn’t believe our good fortune that nothing bad happened to us while on the road.

Anyway, I decided to turn the car around. We found a good spot in the mall parking lot where I could replace the tyre (where there weren’t a lot of people around). See, this is the first time I had to change a flat tyre by myself. Well, Raquel was there with me but this was the first time I had to do it with nobody else who knows how to change tyres on a car. It’s a good thing we had the car manual in the glove compartment.

It wasn’t too difficult to follow the instructions on the manual but it was still a lot of hard work. Trying to fit the new tyre onto the car was particularly difficult and tiring. The tyre weighed heavier than I expected. In the end, I got it done with the help of Raquel, of course. After wiping the perspiration off my face and the grease off my hands, we finally drove home. For real, this time.

As for tomorrow, I have to go take the spare tyre somewhere to have it fixed or something. Can’t risk driving around with a faulty spare tyre, after all.

Well, I’ve learned a lesson today. Something I should’ve learned when I first got the car (because I’ve read about it already). That is, to check the car tyres before any trip. If I’d done that, I could’ve discovered the flat tyre even before we left the house… yesterday.

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Westward, ho!

Yesterday, Raquel and I decided to go west to Werribee and the nearby suburbs to look at the neighborhood as part of our house-hunting research. Using, we have determined that with our planned budget, houses that would meet our criteria are only affordable further away from the city centre like the southwestern suburbs of Werribee and Hoppers Crossing.

We took the Princess Freeway due west to Werribee but we decided to take a little detour and exited at Point Cook Road. Partly because there was a petrol station along the exit and we wanted to refuel the car. While along Point Cook road, we consulted the map and discovered we can still reach Werribee if we head south down that road and turn right at Sneydes Road.

While on southward journey, we came along the entrance to Sanctuary Lake Resort (which is what we Filipinos call a “subdivision”) and decided to take a look-see. And what we found was just marvelous!

Sanctuary Lake Resort in Point Cook
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The serenity! The wide open spaces! The similarly designed houses! The roundabouts! It reminded us a lot of a Canberran suburb. I didn’t imagine there was a place near Melbourne where we can reside in and still feel like we’re in Canberra. Unfortunately, the prices of the houses there are beyond our budget at this time.

After driving around Point Cook, we decided it was time to move on to Werribee at last. We got lost a little bit but we were able to locate Werribee Plaza (the nearest mall they have, we think), Werribee Train Station and a bunch of shops near the station.

We did notice that there were a lot of crows around this part of Victoria. It was the only time I was really able to look at crows up close. I didn’t realise that these birds moved with such grace. At the same time, we found it somewhat disturbing that the crows we saw at the carpark were feeding off raw meat somebody left behind on the ground. I just had the odd thought that if these crows are willing to gnaw the raw meat on the ground, what’s stopping them from attacking people and gnawing off their flesh?

Crows feeding off raw meat somebody conveniently left in the carpark.

Anyway, soon we decided to go home but not before we take another detour via Yarraville, Kensington and Footscray. We just passed through this time and we didn’t get off the car. It was getting late. We just wanted to get home and have dinner by then.

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