Sugar High

Gabriel and I finally had the chance to visit the USA Foods store today. The store itself was easy to find, located just beside the train station in Bentleigh. When we got there, there was a short queue at the counter and a handful of people browsing the shelves.

The store itself was quite small, which was a bit disappointing. I was picturing something like the duty-free groceries in the Philippines housing numerous aisles of racks upon racks of American goods instead of a single room with racks against each wall. However, considering that it is the only store that we could find so far that sells American goods here, it’s good enough. We bought a box of Lucky Charms, small bag of Krakel miniatures, 3 Musketeers bar, small tub of Hershey’s Bites (my favorite!), bag of Combos and a bag of Hugs chocolates which totalled AUD27.65. Gabriel was hoping to get his hands on a box of Cap’n Crunch cereals but the store is fresh out of those and only has the peanut butter and raspberry (or was it strawberry?) flavoured ones. He had to settle for Lucky Charms instead.

Anyway, we headed straight to the Chadstone mall right after our trip to USA Foods. We passed by a Suga store which sells different kinds of lollies (candies). The lollies are made right in front of customers and passers by are free to watch. Today there were 2 guys laboriously working on a particularly big batch of green and white strips, patiently working on layers and layers of warm strips, cutting, rolling and stretching them until finally there were only thin sticks of candies that were cut down to bite-sized pieces. There was free tasting of the first stick. We took some and was amazed by the design. The lolly itself was also quite good, not too sweet and hard as I expected.

Suga lolly makers hard at work

We’ve seen a similar process when we were in Sovereign Hill in Ballarat but those were just simple hard lollies (like Lipps). The ones made by Suga have designs in them – stripes, swirls, spots and even names! You could even place orders for whole batches that feature your names and logos. Great for company or wedding give-aways.

Hmmm… I guess that would take care of our sweet tooth for quite a long while. Or so I hope!

A sample of Suga’s product.

Gabriel can’t resist the temptation of being in a store full of lollies. A bag like this one costs $4.95.

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