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Would you believe that there is no Hershey’s Kisses locally available here? In fact, there are no Hershey’s chocolate products. I couldn’t believe it during my first few weeks in Australia. You’ll have no choice but to settle for Cadbury instead which they seem to have in great abundance. Unless, of course, you seek out a PX goods store.

Well, okay. To be honest, I’m not really sure what the acronym PX stands for. All I know is that PX is the term we (as in people I know in the Philippines) use to describe items that were brought in from the Motherland – the United States of America. Sometimes, I believe, it also applied to items not just from the US but from any foreign nation.

Anyway, fortunately for us, there is an American in the office. I asked her if she knew of a place where we could possibly buy American goods. She pointed me to USA Foods 0n 11 Nicholson St, Bentleigh near the Bentleigh train station. So tomorrow, we’re going to stop by and buy stuff I wished Australia was selling locally.

Here is my list of to-buy items:

  • Cap’n Crunch. I loved this cereal back in the 80’s when my Tito Boy was still in the US sending us States-side goods.
  • Fig Newtons. I miss those.
  • Hershey’s. Of course! Shouldn’t buy a lot of these though as I shouldn’t be eating a lot of chocolate for fear of getting another dreaded kidney stone.
  • Kraft Mini Marshmallows. I can’t seem to find a decent equivalent of these mini marshmallows here.
  • Three Musketeers and Reeses. All right so I probably wouldn’t really be buying these but if it weren’t for that old kidney stone episode I would be buying these in a heart beat.
  • Goober Grape Peanut Butter. Again, due to kidney stone fear, I probably wouldn’t buy this goodie, too. Ugh.

While talking about acquiring foreign goods, I might as well talk about our want for Philippine products, too. We miss those things available back home which we took for granted when we were still there.

Fortunately, yet again, there is the good ol’ Google. With its help, we were able to find out that there is a Filipino store in Footscray, west of the city. Actually, we found there were three stores when we visited the first time.

From there, we were able to buy the following:

  • Lady’s Choice Chicken Spread. The mayonnaise here, in my opinion, doesn’t stand up to Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise. But we did find a close alternative. So instead of Lady’s Choice Mayo, we bought the Chicken Spread instead.
  • Pickle relish. For the tuna spread if we decide to make one. We can’t find here in Oz the exact type of pickle relish we love and enjoy back in the Philippines. They do have pickled gherkin relish which is pretty close but not the same.
  • Flat tops and Curly tops. I love those chockies back in college. Still love ’em today. But again, there’s the kidney stone problem.
  • Lucky Me La Paz Batchoy. Mmmmm.
  • Nagaraya. Mmmmm.
  • Knorr Chinese Soup. You know… “There are Chinese soups, and there are Chinese soups, but there is nothing like, Knorr real Chinese soup. Knorr is one-of-a-kind. Best Chinese soup you can find. Knorr is easy to cook. Just add one egg. Ping!” You know the rest.
  • Magnolia Nestle Ube Ice-cream. Yeah! The package didn’t actually say “Magnolia” though. What happened to them anyway? Still, it’s obvious from the packaging that it was Magnolia. And I still remember when it was still Magnolia/Nestle. Seems like they dropped “Magnolia” altogether.
  • Pulboron. Spelled as Polvoron in the packaging. Last time I saw that was when I bought pulboron in the US.
  • Yema. Mmmmm.

So, even though we are away from home (and the Motherland), the stuff we’ve grown to love in our childhood is still available here, even if they are a bit more expensive that local products.

That’s just the way it is.

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