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One day, our new found kiwi blogging friend KiwiPinay emailed Raquel to intercede on her behalf that I draw up a cartoonish drawing of her for her use as a 100 x 100 pixel avatar on a new Filipino collaborative blog called Blogkadahan dot com. She apparently didn’t want her real picture to be exposed to the public.

Since I haven’t that much to draw lately, I figured it’d be both a challenge and an honour so I said yes to the request. She sent us her real life picture and based on that, I came up with this:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t post the original pic for the reason I already mentioned so you really couldn’t compare my work with it. Hopefully, she’ll like it. Fingers crossed.

Oh and I want to add, in case any of you are also interested in wanting to have a pic drawn in a similar fashion, I just want to say up front that I probably will refuse to draw another pic like this. And if I didn’t refuse, I may ask for some remuneration.

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Another New Pocket PC User

You may notice that between me and Raquel, I post more about the geeky stuff even though Raquel can get quite geeky herself. So, to keep with tradition, I’m the one writing about Raquel becoming a new Pocket PC (PPC) user.

Like me, she was a long time Palm user with her first PDA being a Handspring Visor Prism followed by a PalmOne Tungsten T.

Although we both thought that the Handspring Visor was an exceptional PDA, it was becoming outdated at the time she replaced it with the Tungsten T. We bought the Tungsten T on eBay Australia. It was supposed to be brand new but what we first got was a run-down and soiled Tungsten T. The serial number in the back of the device had been rubbed off and there wast dirt on the grooves of its case. We were outraged that the seller tried to pass it as brand new and returned it to the seller. The seller seems to have lots of Tungsten T’s so he sent us a newer one. The seller threw in a hard leather case with the second unit to show us just how sorry he was for having deceived us with his false advertising. It wasn’t exactly brand new but it was “new” enough that we reluctantly accepted it without any further antagonising on our part.

Some months ago, we both thought about getting a Pocket PC to replace our current PDAs but since we didn’t know a lot about PPCs at the time, we were sort of reluctant to change the status quo. Nobody likes the thought of change even if it could be for the better. There’s always some form of fear attached to change.

Anyway, I made a leap of faith and got myself a new Pocket PC for my next PDA just the other week. With it, she was able to see what having a PPC is like. In addition, I convinced her of the virtues of switching to a PPC. So, last week, she looked at the available PPCs on eBay and did some research on the available devices.

She ended up going for an HP iPAQ h2210. The one she got was a used PDA (the seller was at least honest about it) and it came with all the accessories he bought for it like a hard metal case, an extra powerful battery, four extra styli and a retractable USB cable. Overall, we thought it was a good deal.

Only, everytime we buy something off eBay, we remember the hassle we experienced with buying the Tungsten T. And there are other fears when you buy from eBay. Are we going to be conned? What if the seller doesn’t send the item after we’ve deposited the payment in his bank account? What if the item gets lost in the mail? What if the item is a dud?

Anyway, we paid for the device noon last Monday. We hoped that the seller send the item on Tuesday at the very latest so we can receive the item on Thursday. Why Thursday? Well, when a big item arrives at the local post office, they will not drop of the item to your house. Instead, it will leave a note in your mailbox saying you should go to the post office to pick up the item yourself. Since the post office closes at 5 pm and we get home from work after 6 pm, we won’t be able to pick up the package till the next day. So, if the package were to arrive on a Friday, we’ll only be able to pick it up on a Monday because the post office is closed on weekends.

Unfortunately, the seller wasn’t able to send the package early enough. He sent it last Wednesday. That means, if there are no delays within the post office itself, we would be getting the pickup note on a Friday. So as to avoid having to pick up the item on the following Monday, we went home during our lunch break that Friday hoping that the pickup note would already be in our mailbox.

When we opened our mailbox, we were disappointed to find that the expected pickup note wasn’t there but all our other post were. That meant that there package wasn’t in that day. Raquel hoped that the package would be in by Monday. I hoped that there was just some mistake somewhere and that the package was already in the post office but the note was still coming in that day. Unlikely but I prayed it was so.

We both had to go to the toilet so we went into our apartment to relieve ourselves. When we were about to leave the apartment, we saw a Australian Post marked station wagon park in front of our driveway. A lady stepped out of the car and walked to our mailbox holding what looked like a pickup note. We both waited in anticipation as to where she’d drop the note. It was ours!

I quickly opened our mailbox to retreive the note. Raquel asked the lady if she had the package with her in the car. The lady said that we’d have to pick it up from the Post Office. She spoke with a heavy accent and we’re not sure if she meant that she does have the package but we’ll have to wait and pick it up from the post office or that it’s in the post office ready for pickup. She also mentioned something about a mistake and not being sure.

Anyway, we let her go and proceeded to walk to the post office which was a block away. I looked at the note and it said there that the item would be ready for pickup on 4 pm! Could it be that the lady actually had the package with her and we’d have to wait till after 4:00 to pickup it up from the post office? I hoped that the package was already there because otherwise, if we want to get the package on that day, that meant taking off from work early so that we can get to the post office before it closes.

Fortunately, the package was there and even though the note said I should pick it up after 4pm, the postal worker allowed me to retrieve the package. And the string of good fortune didn’t end there because when we got the box, we saw that the address was wrong! Instead of 5/24 Blahblah Street, the seller wrote 5/22 Blahblah Street! That was what the lady in the car was talking about. She wasn’t sure if we’re the actual recepient of the package. We were lucky that Number 22 didn’t have a Unit 5 apartment so the lady luckily guessed that it belonged to Number 24 Unit 5.

Anyway, the Pocket PC we bought on eBay worked just fine. It didn’t get banged up during freight and the seller didn’t con us with a dud. Being an older model, it did sport an older Windows Mobile 2003 OS (the current one is Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition). Not really a biggie because it still worked as expected.

Now that we both have Pocket PCs, the next step will involve eBay once again. This time, to sell our Palm devices. Hopefully, we could sell them for a good price.

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