One day, isang araw

07:00 AM – Wakes up, presses snooze button
07:10 AM – Alarm sounds again, presses snooze button
07:20 AM – Alarm sounds again, contemplates going to the bathroom
07:30 AM – Alarm sounds again, gets up to go to the bathroom
07:40 AM – Alarm sounds again, hit snooze button, goes back to bed
07:50 AM – Stupid alarm still at it, presses snooze button yet again
08:00 AM – Another annoying alarm, hits snooze button and gets some more shut-eye
08:10 AM – After hitting snooze button, listens to the morning radio show (still in bed)
08:20 AM – Finally gets up, dresses for work
08:30 AM – Second trip to the bathroom, washes face, combs hair, etc.
08:40 AM – Eats breakfast while listening to the morning show in the living room radio
08:50 AM – Prepares to leave the house, scrambles to find keys, specs, jacket
08:53 AM – Rushes to train station, hoping to get there before the 8:59 train
08:58 AM – Arrives at train station huffing, depending on alignment of stars, 8:59 train may or may not arrive (delayed or may not arrive at all)
09:00 AM – Assuming this train is running, gets on train (If not, wait till 9:12)
09:20 AM – Train arrives at Flinders street station, mad rush to get out of the station starts. Spends next 10 minutes walking to the office.
09:30 AM – Arrives at the office out of breath (walk-a-thon may be to blame)
09:31 AM till 12:00 PM – Work
12:01 PM till 1:00 PM – Walks to Subway or to some other restaurant/cafe, orders lunch, waits for it to be prepared/delivered, eats, walks back to the office
01:01 PM to 5:45 PM – Work
05:46 PM – Prepares to leave the office, remembers to do something
05:55 PM – Leaves the office, mad rush to the station begins to catch 6:01 train
06:01 PM – Train arrives, gets on
06:15 PM – Gets off train two stops short, starts walking towards home (finally, some exercise!)
06:45 PM – Arrives home hungry
06:46 PM till 7:25 PM – Cooks/prepare dinner
07:30 PM – Eats dinner while watching TV
07:45 PM – Food has disappeared, still staring at the TV
08:30 PM – Finally gets up to clean up plates/pans, etc.
08:31 PM till 10:30 PM – Watches TV/video, surfs net, check email
10:30 PM till 11:00 PM – Bath/shower
11:01 PM till 11:30 PM – Goes back to surfing, may write blog entry
11:31 PM – Gets the munchies, eats “midnight” snack
11:45 PM – Cleans up after “midnight” snack
11:50 PM – Flosses and brushes teeth
12:00 AM – Hits the sack
12:01 AM till 01:30 AM – Chats with hubby
01:31 AM – Finally goes to sleep (for real!)

Tomorrow, the same thing will happen again. 2 more days before the week ends. It’s 12:20 AM already and I still haven’t gotten to the flossing routine yet. I’m already running late!

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No Time

I haven’t posted that often lately and it’s because I’m strapped for time in and out of the office. Tomorrow, I will be audited internally for conformance to the new Quality Management system the company is certifying with the ISO. So tonight, I’ll be reviewing all the documents that could be related to my tomorrow’s internal audit. Although it isn’t really a graded exam, I feel like it still is and tonight I’ll be doing a lot of old-fashion university cramming.

I should be thankful that my Story boarding class got cancelled because of lack of students. I’m not really that bummed out that the class got cancelled because I’m also having second thoughts about it. Since they cancelled it, I got my money for tuition refunded. Maybe I could just use that money to enrol in a Mandarin Language class instead.

Also, I’m very pre-occupied with tweaking my new iPAQ hx2110. I’ve installed all the software that I think I’ll be using most. I’ve also updated my calendar and contacts on Outlook because the my Pocket PC is able to flawlessly synchronise data between it and my desktop PC’s Outlook. It’s amazing! Well, I’m done with the tweaking.

Lastly, we’ve borrowed the whole Season 4 of the West Wing and we only have one week to watch all of the 1-hour length episodes on the damned DVDs. So we have to find the time between watching all the usual stuff we watch on TV like Survivor, Battlestar Galactica, Desperate Housewives, CSI, NCIS, etc, etc, to watch the West Wing DVDs. Well, we’ve just finished watching all of it last night (as in 1:30 in the morning)!

So, I deeply apologise for being out of touch with everybody. After the internal audit tomorrow, I’ll have the time to catch up with everybody else’s blogs. And I might finally have the time to draw the comics, too. I wish there’s just more time to do everything.

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