Wizards and Warriors

For the past few days, I’ve been spending time drawing when not watching TV/DVD. Drawing a dragon, a warrior and a wizard in one picture to be precise.

In the recent past, I’ve frequented the Dragonsfoot Forums for out-of-print D&D products. I was an avid Classic (non-3E) Dungeons and Dragons player and the only places on the web where I can talk about the game is on this forum and on a mailing list.

The reason why there are people still interested in Classic D&D as opposed to the newer 3E (3rd Edition) D&D is that Classic is simpler and faster to play. Now, one of the Classic D&D Dungeon Masters, Ray aka MadDog, has players who wanted to play 3E rather than Classic.

As a compromise, he created a simplified version of the 3E rules so that it will retain the advantages of Classic. So as not to violate Wizards of the Coast or WotC (owner of D&D) trademarks and copyrights, Ray named the derived 3E D&D game as Wizards and Warriors.

Anyway, Ray apparently saw my website and discovered I could draw so he asked if I could draw a sort of book cover page for his PDF ebook. He wished it to be similar to the Erol Otis cover art for the original D&D box sets where there is a wizard, a warrior and a dragon duking it out.

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rulebook with cover art by Erol Otis, ninth printing.

I probably won’t and can’t draw the picture the same way Erol Otis did in the cover but I’ll try to keep the Dragon, wizard and warrior motif. I’d probably draw it in my sketchy style and colour the thing in OpenCanvas afterwards. I haven’t really tried that look before but there’s always the first time. And since I really won’t get paid for drawing this, I thought it’s a good time to do some experimentation.

During the time I tried laying out the picture, I’ve discovered that it is a bit difficult to position all three “characters” in the picture so that all of them are partially facing the “camera.” Meaning, nobody has their back turned on the viewe. Well, I was able to come up with a layout so that even though you’ll be seeing the dragon’s back, you’ll still see its face, as it were.

Anyway, I haven’t really even begun to draw the actual picture. Just a bunch of thumbnails where I’m trying to determine the best possible layout for this piece. Hopefully, I’ll finish it soon because I still have a lot of drawing to do. Like drawing the pages to Chapter 7 of my webcomic.

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