I’ve just been reading my brother’s most recent blog titled Reminiscing and it got me thinking of what had happened to me a long time ago.

First, here is my brother’s account of the incident:

Then my mom also remembered the day my Kuya fell into a ditch/canal/sewer (I’m not really sure what you call that in english). But anyway, it was so dirty. And I think it was so deep. Me and my kuya were kids back then (I think I’m 5 or 6 and he was 7 or 8 ). I remembered that so well, because it was the day when we visited a dead relative of my cousin. Me, my kuya and my cousin were playing outside. It was kinda dark that my kuya didn’t notice a ditch on the side of the road. My cousin and I was thinking where my kuya went. He disappeared all of a sudden. Then we heard he was shouting from the ditch. We went and look and the funny thing is, I rememebered, I was just laughing my ass off. I’m bad, I know. But I was just a kid. I didn’t really know what to do. So I called my mom and told her that kuya fell into a ditch (I was still laughing). So they hurriedly ran outside and helped him get out of there. When my brother was out (he was as black as the night covered with icky gooey things), he bashed me on the shoulder. Huh. I guess, I really deserve that. I was so guilty that time. I should’ve helped him. But that was all in the past. My mom actually doesn’t want to remember it. It was so horrifying for her. I can’t blame her. ^_^

The funeral was for my cousin Caloy’s grandfather, if I recall correctly. This incident is one of the most memorable and traumatic memories I have. It’s just curious to read my brother’s account of the same incident based on his point of view.

Anyway, this is my account of what happened:

The sun already set and we were playing patintero along the street in front of Caloy’s house at Palanan, Makati. Our team wasn’t “taya” or “it” at the time.

The objective of the game is to run through a grid on the ground guarded by the opposing team’s players to score a “home run.” I wanted to score a home run so I was readying myself to run full speed to avoid the guards.

I took off but one of the guards noticed me and went for me. To avoid him, I side-stepped to my right and on to what I thought was just soft dirt-covered ground. I was shocked to realise my foot sank into the “ground!” I fell into the sewer and I didn’t even realise it until I was submerged well into it.

I was very young and I didn’t know how to swim. I was in a very panicked state and I didn’t even thought about trying to grab the edge of the sewer and get out. I was trying real hard not to drown.

I remembered yelling for help. Though I probably wasn’t very coherent with all that fluid in my mouth. I saw my brother and my cousin semi-crouched in front of me laughing! I was reaching out for them but they didn’t do anything.

Just when I was about to finally give up on the whole thing, my Tita (Aunt) Vangie fished me out of the sewer. Or maybe it was my Mom. I can’t remember anymore.

I don’t remember slapping Ringjo afterwards but I do remember being very upset about the whole incident. Not because I was embarassed about falling into the sewer. Not because my cousin and brother didn’t even try to help me out of the sewer. It was because I was holding a book I cherished then when I fell in. Falling into the sewer ruined the book. How geeky was I, huh?

Afterwards, they needed to wash me but they were hesitant to give me a bath in the house because of an old Filipino superstition that you shouldn’t take a bath in the house where the funeral wake is being held. I remember that Mom shampooed my hair and wiped me clean with a damp cloth. It’s not technically taking a bath but I was still cleansed from the sewer’s muck. Talk about finding a loop-hole in the superstition’s parameters.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, I survived that drowning incident. It isn’t my last drowning incident though. Maybe I’ll tell you about it another time because I have to go now and have dinner.

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