Try Returning a Returned Borrowed Item

Raquel and I frequent the Melbourne City Library to borrow DVDs, CDs, books, and even comics. Yesterday, I wanted to borrow some CDs from the library. That’s when I found out that according to the library database, I still haven’t returned the Volume 2: Classic Goons Sketches CD which I borrowed about two weeks ago.

The thing was, I already returned the CD last week. I was sure of it. Well, almost sure. I told the librarian yesterday that I have in fact returned it already but I cannot verify that it wasn’t still at home. So she said that I have to check it first. She said that if the records say I didn’t return it, then it wasn’t returned yet.

Last night, I searched the apartment thoroughly for the CD but to no luck. I thought that the only place left where I could’ve left it was in the office. So when I got to the office this morning, I rummaged through my drawers for it but didn’t find it.

Finally, during lunch break, I dropped by the library to look at the shelves and see if the CD is actually there. Guess what? It is! I grabbed the CD and brought it to the librarian. How could I return something that was already returned?

She just said that these things happen and that she’ll fix my record. No apology though. Ah well.

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