Try Returning a Returned Borrowed Item

Raquel and I frequent the Melbourne City Library to borrow DVDs, CDs, books, and even comics. Yesterday, I wanted to borrow some CDs from the library. That’s when I found out that according to the library database, I still haven’t returned the Volume 2: Classic Goons Sketches CD which I borrowed about two weeks ago.

The thing was, I already returned the CD last week. I was sure of it. Well, almost sure. I told the librarian yesterday that I have in fact returned it already but I cannot verify that it wasn’t still at home. So she said that I have to check it first. She said that if the records say I didn’t return it, then it wasn’t returned yet.

Last night, I searched the apartment thoroughly for the CD but to no luck. I thought that the only place left where I could’ve left it was in the office. So when I got to the office this morning, I rummaged through my drawers for it but didn’t find it.

Finally, during lunch break, I dropped by the library to look at the shelves and see if the CD is actually there. Guess what? It is! I grabbed the CD and brought it to the librarian. How could I return something that was already returned?

She just said that these things happen and that she’ll fix my record. No apology though. Ah well.

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Last night, T Campbell, my editor at Graphic Smash just sent me an email enumerating the corrections I need to apply on all the dialogue and text on my comics which was running since April 2001.

It was a pretty long list of corrections. After reading the problems, I went, “D’oh!” I couldn’t believe some of the mistakes I made:

  • Missing periods and commas.
  • Redundant words like using “also” and “too” in the same sentence.
  • Adding spaces where there shouldn’t be, like “black smith” instead of just “blacksmith.” (I know this one! D’oh!)
  • Removing spaces where there should be, like “bestfriend” instead of “best friend.”
  • Mixed tenses. This gets me everytime.
  • Applying emphasis on the wrong word like “SURE is hot” instead of “Sure is HOT.”

For a moment, I felt offended when I received the email regarding the necessary corrections. Just for a moment, though. I felt the same way back in university whenever I submitted an article for the school paper and the editor corrected my work. I just couldn’t help it.

But I understood that that’s what editors do. And that the corrections they asked for were, well, correct. In the end, I’d rather they catch the mistakes early so that I will have the time to fix them even before the reader gets to see the pages. Also, I get to learn stuff that I never knew before. An example is that I didn’t know it’s supposed to be “sic ’em” and not “sick ’em.”

Anyway, last night, I applied the corrections for Chapters one and two already. It took me some time to do because I made some minor changes to the pages I was correcting, too, such as changing the font and applying little cosmetic touch-ups on the old drawings. I’ll be working on the rest of the chapters tonight when I get home.

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I Should Just Keep My Stupid Mouth Shut

This morning, I was supposed to be in a 10 am training for developers. Due to insufficient attendees, those of us present were asked to just join in the next training which was, I thought, for testers. I was concerned that by joining a training for testers, we developers might not be given enough developer-centric details in the training.

So I raised my concern. However, I felt that I was misunderstood. I was told that developers are required to know about testing anyway. I understand and believe that, too. My concern is that the testers may not be too keen to listen to developer-specific stuff in the training so we developers might get short-changed in the later training.

I dunno. It just seemed like when I raised the issue, I may have inadvertently projected myself as someone who isn’t interested in the testing phase of the development lifecycle. Quite untrue. I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to submit half-assed work if I could help it.

It could also be because in the past, I’ve joked about how developers “test” their work. Sort of like a sarcastic note that “real” developers don’t test. But I said it in jest. Anyway, by making that comment I might have irreversibly marked myself as somebody who isn’t serious about my work. Great.

There are also times I’d like to clarify some points in a meeting. I understood them well the first time but I wanted to voice out anyway to show that I was listening and to double check that I did understood what they were saying. But the problem is, whenever I make clarifying questions, I think I end up seeming like I wasn’t listening at all or that I was slow on the up-take. Great.

I think from now on, when there is a meeting and at the end of it somebody asks if there are any questions, I’d probably just keep my stupid mouth shut. Well, I’d still ask a question but only if I really really really didn’t understand something. But otherwise, feh, I’ll shut it.

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How we celebrated Valentine’s day

If you’ve read my previous blog entry, you may be thinking of how we spent the day of hearts. Well, er… hmmm… ahhhmmm… traditionally! Hehehe…

Well, you see, Gabriel planned the whole thing so I didn’t have anything to do with it (washing hands off it). He arranged flowers to be delivered and made dinner reservations last week without my knowledge – of course, otherwise it won’t be a surprise!

Hey, lookee what I got you! Click photo for more

He had a box of flowers with chocolates sent to the office. It arrived after lunc although his instructions were for it to be delivered in the morning. After work, we ate at a Chinese restaurant called Red Emperor located at Southgate. The food was generally good, except I thought the fried rice was too salty. The servings weren’t the usual big servings at Chinese restaurants although there was enough to go around. We had hot sour soup, chicken and corn soup, stir fried mixed vegetables, fried rice and Red Emperor Mandarin chicken; which we thought were good but we specially enjoyed the Banana Fritters and ice cream we had for desert.

Anyway, what can I say, he likes to be traditional and I like to be surprised so I guess in the end it worked for both of us. Let’s just pretend it’s an ordinary day, shall we?

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