City scenes

Melbourne is a city of entertainers and artists. Or at least tourists may be forgiven for thinking that since its streets are filled of musicians (banjos, guitars, trumpet, fiddle, chinese harp, etc), performers (stand-up comics slash acrobats with juggling and rope walking as part of their acts) and those who draw on pieces of paper or on the sidewalk (nothing permanent though).

Sidewalk art may be where it all starts. Click photo for more.

Of course there are those who paint themselves white or gray, stand on a pedestal and refrain from moving for several minutes. People would walk past them thinking those are statues when suddenly these performers move! Aha, they’re alive! Then you’ll have a laugh and if you liked what you saw, put in a coin in their hat/can/box. After all, it isn’t easy to stand still with all that paint on you!

Statue or live human? Click photo for more

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