Happy Chinese New Year!

When I was still a little girl, I remember waking up to the smell of food cooking the day before Chinese New Year. I would spend the day helping my mom prepare the ingredients for the dishes she had to cook and afterwards, clean up. Unfortunately for me, I would be in charge of washing the dishes (manually, no dishwashers!) at the end of the day as she would be too exhausted to do this herself.

There would be several round fruits and sumptious dishes by the end of the day that I would just be happy to have my fill before worrying about the chore of cleaning up. There’s also the usual tikoy (Chinese New Year pudding) and other Chinese delicacies bought from the bakeries in Ongpin the day before. It’s like there would be a food shortage and we’re stocking up!

Good thing Chinese New Year celebrations usually lasts for several days (15 days). My mom would usually cook simple dishes, like steamed chicken, on the day itself and then use left overs (like broth, chicken meat) to create other dishes. She would also make a big batch of lumpia (spring rolls) filling, cook some and refrigerate the rest.

On the day itself, we would feast on the food she prepared and head to Chinatown to watch the lion dance and fireworks before visiting our relatives. There, I would be given ang pao (red envelopes) with some cash in it. Others would give me toys or candies. Likewise, my mom would have her bag filled with gifts for the other children.

Those were good memories indeed. No, I didn’t prepare/cook anything special as there was no time nor inclination on my part to prepare a big meal after working for 8 hours. Besides, there would only be the two of us and I think it would just be impractical. However, I would still greet all of you good memories and good fortune today and everyday of this (Chinese) year!

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Comics Again?

Around June last year, I moved from Canberra to Melbourne. With all the time and effort I exerted during the move, I decided to stop drawing my webcomic. At the time, I was feeling tired of it anyway. The move only gave me an immediate excuse to quit drawing.

Fast-forward to the present.

My webcomic is now under the Graphic Smash banner and I believe I’m going to get some bucks off my hobby now because of it. I’m not exactly sure how much (probably not a lot compared to what I’m earning at my day job) but it’s still a big incentive to continue drawing the comic.

I just didn’t realise how big an incentive it was going to be. Right now, I’m so excited about the whole thing that I’m even thinking of shelling out three pages per week as compared to one page per week in the past. The more frequent the pages update on my site, the bigger the chance I’m going to hook new people into reading. It would also translate to a bigger archive which would mean a potentialy bigger share, I reckon.

And of course, that’ll also mean the the story will be told at a much faster pace now. I mean, it’s been three odd years now and the time that has passed in the story is only roughly a week.

Another advantage of being part of Graphic Smash is that of belonging to an influential group in the webcomics world. It’s like the print-comic equivalent of being part of the team at Marvel or DC. Hopefully, associating with my fellow group members and being associated with them will open up some opportunities for myself.

I’m excited about it all. Now I’ve started to look into the Australian print comic scene again. The first and last time I was part of it was when I wrote and drew the 8-page comic called “I Believe” for issue #1 of The Ink in August 2003.

I still feel some pride whenever I see that issue (it’s still out there!) in a comicbook shop here in Melbourne. For that brief moment, I was part of the Australian comics scene. Makes me think I should be part of it again. So right now, I’m looking into it.

I’m just afraid that I would overcommit myself to projects I couldn’t feasibly do. Ah well. Time will tell.

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