Philippines of Yore

There was a time when I wanted to draw a graphic novel based on the Philippines of the late 1800s. I’d go to my university’s library to search for books that may hopefully contain pictures of what it was like back then. I’d also visit the Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati (Philippines) for any images of the past I could photocopy for art reference.

When I was still in the Philippines, new expensive illustrated books about the era also came out and I bought a couple of them. Unfortunately, I left them behind when I moved to Australia. Maybe I’ll bring those along with me back to Australia the next time I visit my home country.

In the meantime, I’m very happy to discover a site (an online gallery actually) that stores a lot of photos taken in the Philippines from long ago!

Pandacan 1896

See more vintage Philippines pics at the Philippine Photographs Digital Archive. Ah, the treasures you’d find on the Internet!

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