Lovarian Adventures Now on Graphic Smash

I just want to announce that as of this moment, my fantasy adventure webcomic Lovarian Adventures will be exclusively featured in the online adventure/action webcomics subscription service Graphic Smash.

This means that although readers can still read the latest page installment of my comic for free, they’ll need to subscribe to Graphic Smash to be able to read or re-read my archived pages. I’ll tell you now that it isn’t really too expensive to subscribe. It’s only $2.95 a month (or $29.95 a year) to have access to all the archives of all the webcomics available on Graphic Smash. It’s cheaper than buying one print comic issue per month.

Anyway, enough of the sales talk. I just wanted to say I’m stoked to be involved in this project. I’ve suddenly have a renewed interest in continuing my webcomic which at one point in time I almost wanted to quit from for good.

So for long time readers, I guess in a way, this is good news because you’ll now be able to continue reading the webcomic. The bad news is that if you aren’t a Graphic Smash subscriber, you better not miss any new installment.

As to anybody reading this who aren’t into webcomics, you may wonder why joining Graphic Smash renewed my interest on my webcomic. I guess the honest truth is that this time round, I’ll get paid out of drawing the webcomic. Sounds very materialistic, I know. But What can I do? Being offered money to continue drawing the comic is a good incentive. This is almost as good as getting a gig at print comics, I imagine.


On other news, my right temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which hurt for a couple of days is now pain free. I’m now extra careful when I yawn so as to avoid the clicking. I don’t want the pain to return. And I also don’t want to end up getting surgery done there like this other Filipino in the US (thanks to Kiwi Pinay for the link).

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