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We got the free community newspaper in our mailbox last week and there was an ad about the upcoming St Kilda Festival. There wasn’t much information on the events during the festival so I just made a mental note of checking it out later online.

We went to St Kilda yesterday to have lunch at Tien Tien, a Vietnamese restaurant in Barkly Street. We tried the pandan chicken since hubby’s been craving for the Sukho Thai (Thai restaurant in the Philippines) version but the ones we got yesterday didn’t taste the same. We walked in and around Acland street after lunch and people watched. I then remembered that there’s the St Kilda festival coming up and made another mental note of checking it out later.

St Kilda’s most recognizable icon, Luna park’s entrance. Click here for more photos

Late last night I finally remembered and googled for the festival’s site. I browsed through the site and came across one of the events called Yooralla kiss for a cause. They are inviting couples to go to the event and kiss for at least 10 seconds in an attempt to snatch the Guinness world record for most couples kissing simultaneously from the Philippines! Whoa, I didn’t even know the Philippines currently hold the record!

One google search later, I found out that there was a Valentine’s day event held last year in Manila called Close-up Lovapalooza wherein 5,122 couples made their way to the Guinness records by locking lips for 10 seconds. The event was sponsored by the government and toothpaste maker, Close-Up and drew both conservative and not-so-conservative couples alike.

Which now makes me want to see Australia try and beat the record. Don’t know yet if we’d participate. If we did participate, wouldn’t that mean being unloyal to our home country? On the other hand, Australia’s our home now so would it be too bad if we join in the event to beat the record set by the Philippines? In any case, we plan to attend the event and see what happens.

For people who’d like to have some fun on the day and join Kiss for a cause, you could register online and pucker up on the day.

* To know more about current Pinoy world records, click here.

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