Play with Words

Midst Raquel was scrivening her account, she catechized me for a surrogate word for ‘calefaction’ ergo I grubbed for one on a concordance and I acquired a plethora of highfalutin interchangeable words for it. As a manifestation of substantiation, I shall impute a further aberrant word from the wordbook to supplant sundry words from this thesis. The metamorphosed treatise may not be coherent in the expiration except congenerous to what I conveyed, it is a substantiation.

Original Text:

While Raquel was writing her blog, she asked me for another word for ‘heat’ so I searched for one on a thesaurus and I found a lot of contrived synonyms for it. As a sort of experiment, I will select a more uncommon word from the thesaurus to replace some of the words from this text. The converted text may not make sense in the end but like I said, it is an experiment.

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