Langaw country

Wow, it’s hot! Summer is really here with the temperature reaching 35 degrees Celcius today. And that’s just a prelude for an even hotter day tomorrow which is forecast to reach 37. Phew!

I don’t really mind the dry heat but I do detest the flies that come out during this season. For those who don’t know, Australia is home to a lot of flies who’re mostly attracted to people. Unlike the flies in the Philippines that would only bug you whenever you have food, the flies in Australia seem to have a peculiar interest in being mindless satellites to people going about their business.

I remember a friend from Manila who once came here on business during summer. He mentioned that the minute he stepped out of his hotel, he noticed a fly following him around the city for several blocks. He was puzzled as he just had a shower and contrary to what you may believe, these flies don’t care whether you smell of soap or sweat. I just had to explain to the poor guy that it’s not him, it’s just the nature of the flies here to do that.

It wouldn’t be too bad if these flies just hover above your head or land on your back for a free ride. That wouldn’t be too bad at all. But these flies have other ideas, they like to hover in and around your face, threatening to land on your lips, nose, ears or worse, your eyes. You could try to wave them off (known as an Australian salute) and they’d momentarily fly away, only to come back with a vengence. Next time they may even come back with their mates! Careful on leaving your mouth open or sucking in air at an inopportune time or you’ll suddenly have an extra dose of protein shooting through your system. Nasty.

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