Story Boarding Class

This afternoon, I signed up for a Story Boarding for Animations class at the CAE near work in the city. It’s a weekly two-hour six-session class starting on the 23rd of February.

According to the Class Ticket/Tax Invoice I was handed after enrolling, I need to bring to class the following: A3 cartridge paper, 3B lead pencil, watercolour paints (didn’t specify if tubes or not), A3 watercolour paper pad, brushes (didn’t say which brushes) and a Video8 tape cassette (huh?).

When I first thought about enrolling for this class, I was thinking that story boarding must just be similar to comicbook drawing without the dialogue balloons. I got that idea watching story boards of animation and movies from DVDs with Special Features that show them. I didn’t realise that it may be more complicated than planning out scenes and drawing them.

After seeing that I need to bring in watercolouring materials, I realised that I was in for more than just doodling sequential art 4×3 proportioned boxes. And of course there is the Video8 tape requirement that I have totally no clue as to what it’s going to be used for.

Still, I’m pretty excited to start. One of the motivations I have for joining this class was that I was hoping to meet people in this class I can be friends with. Hopefully, they’d be people who’d be at around my age group and interested in cartooning, movies, anime/animation, geekiness, computer games or all of the above. I’ll just have to wait and see.

When I was in Canberra, I joined a short art class too for the same reason I guess. But it was a charcoal art class which is more traditional art than cartooning (which I’m more comfortable with). The problem with that is that my classmates were generally not of the same age group as I am and they do not share the same interests I do.

Of course they are at least interested in art (that’s why they were there after all) but I realise now that I’m really more into cartooning/comicbook drawing even though I could probably carry on doing more traditional art.

So when I decided that I want to take another form of art class, I consciously looked for an art class that is more tied in to cartooning. I’m hoping that I’d be more at ease with the story boarding class and that I get to know people there that I can probably be friends with.

Also, since I’ve read a lot about cartooning and drawing already from books, I hope that this class will have something new to teach me considering the $199 price tag. Lastly, since I’m going to continue drawing my webcomic now, I’m hoping that I learn stuff from the class that I can apply to comicbook making. We’ll see.

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